A fresh approach based upon the ancient principle of retail that the customer is the key to any profitable business.

For retailers with larger stores, Delloop for WooCommerce’s incentivization helps to combat the high attrition rate and the costly issues with retention that make the industry a mess.

WooCommerce is the most flexible eCommerce platform. It is used by 22 percent of the world’s most popular one million websites. The Delloop plug-in has now introduced WooCommerce retailers to a totally new idea, a customer-focused method of engaging with customers after the purchase. Delloop for WooCommerce resolves problems such as lower retention rate, expensive service costs, high customer friction and low brand loyalty.

The product does not just address these issues, but it assists WooCommerce customers and retailers with handling expensive and high-friction after-sales issues such as last-mile delivery issues and returns, warranty claims customer support, abandonment of carts.

Delloop for WooCommerce lets online retailers remain connected with their customers throughout the product’s use and throughout the lifecycle of the shopper, way beyond the typical sales cycle all the way to end-of-life product recycling. Check out betFIRST Casino for all your betting needs.

In the highly competitive market for eCommerce, Delloop gives WooCommerce retailers the edge by establishing an unbreakable 360-degree connection with customers. The company is fueled by incentivizing bi-lateral communication and opportunities to promote to existing customers and a new customer base.

Delloop also provides a wealth of customer/product/usage trends and analytic data that enable WooCommerce retailers to address lost sales opportunities as well as determine new revenue streams.

Delloop Vice President Worldwide Sales, Sam Selim stated: “Delloop for WooCommerce’s wildly popular take-up effectively level the playing field, and also puts smaller retailers ahead of the competition in a way that they can swiftly and reliably establish brand recognition and brand affinity.”

“For retailers with larger sizes, Delloop for WooCommerce’s incentivization helps combat the high rate of attrition and the costly retention problems which plague the industry,” Selim concluded.

Delloop was awarded the title of ‘Top Placer for 2021’s International Trade Council’s GoGobal Awards and also awarded Top 10 Hall of Fame status by the EU’s 2021 DMS program, Delloop has gained recognition as a solution to long-standing eCommerce issues through its customer-centric approach.

Delloop does not just allow Retailers to stay in touch with its customers throughout their product use and life-cycle but also allows customers to view their personal shopping history from their favorite retailers and all of their shopping history in one location.

“In recording, the data collected throughout the lifecycle (sale delivery, usage and warranty, as well as recycling) within a closed-loop retailer can gain the benefit of a 360-degree view,” stated Delloop CEO Lou Schillaci.” Going beyond the normal sales cycle can provide retailers with more extensive information, and helps to determine a more effective customer engagement. It gives retailers the chance to generate unending repeated sales.”

Delloop to WooCommerce can be downloaded as a WordPress plug-in and is currently in development to integrate with different eCommerce platforms. It is an API-based plug-in and therefore, does not require central integration. Retailers can use the free trial and test key performance Indicators for their company.

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