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    How can I replace “Read more >>” with “weiterlesen” on the startpage?

    And I’ve noticed that you provided Version 1.5.5 on this page. I’ve installed version 1.5.3 but my dashboard doesn’t show that there are newer versions available. How can I update the theme?

    Thank you for this great theme!



    Hi Scherli,

    You can translate or modify all words in the theme by using Poedit (.po file), a free software program. Just load “ribosome-pro.po” with that program, do your changes, save it and upload (replace) your .po and another binary created automatically into “languages” folder.

    In order to update this theme, click below left sidebar (Temas disponibles) in this website.




    Thanks for your answer. I’ll check out Poedit.

    As for updating the theme I get the following error:

    Installiere Theme aus Datei:
    Entpacken des Pakets…

    Das Theme wird installiert…

    Der Zielordner existiert bereits. /…/wp-content/themes/ribosome-pro/

    Die Themeinstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.


    Installing theme from file:
    Unpacking zip-archive…
    Theme is being installed…
    Target file folder already exists. /…/wp-content/themes/ribosome-pro/
    Theme installation failed

    So, how can I update to the newest version, please?

    Thank you, scherli



    It occurs that both directories have the same name. The author maybe should add the version so that they don’t coincide. There are two solutions, of course:

    1) Extract the .zip, change the folder name, compress it again into a .zip and upload it like you have already done.

    2) Extract the .zip, change the folder name, go to your control panel/ftp account (provided by your hosting) and upload it into the “themes” folder of your wordpress installation.




    Thanks again for your fast answer.

    I’d like to have a third solution. And I think I’m not the only one here.

    I don’t want to install it as a new theme and apply all changes manually again (and again and again). That’s why I asked for a update to overwrite the activated theme. Any ideas how to achieve this?

    Of course it would be the best way to get updates over the dashboard just like updating wordpress or plugins. But that’s just a suggestion.

    Regards, scherli



    Hi again,

    Me neither. I’m not a programmer, but I think that one solution (or the only one) is the creation of a child theme such as explains on their site:

    This function ensures that your modifications are preserved.
    I made a child theme with my old theme. Now, I should create another one.



    Juan de la Cruz
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    Hi scherli,

    Changes made with the customizer not lost after updating the theme as they are stored in the database. Nor CSS style changes made with the ‘Custom CSS’ customizer option is lost. No need to re-customize the theme.

    The changes that are lost (in any WordPress theme) are the changes made in the files. For example if you add code to files functions.php, style.css or any other file.




    Hi Juan,

    thanks for providing the link. Now I updated via FTP.
    As I didn’t make any changes in the code, nothing was lost.
    All is fine now.

    I’ve got another issue, but I’ll open a new thread.

    regards, scherli

    @ Adrlopgal. Thanks again for trying to help.

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