Attracting more readers to access your news site by using the top 8 Useful WordPress Plugin in 2021

If you are running a news website, you should consider the list of 8 impressive WordPress News Plugins that we provided below. These great tools not only support you to create a stunning post layout but also give many useful options such as Select News Categories, Show News Categories, and Show News Categories, and much more. Besides, each WordPress News Plugin has its own features, so you need to compare carefully and choose the best one for yourself. Let’s take a look.

Yandex.News Feed by Teplitsa

The first great plugin we would like to introduce is Yandex.News Feed. This is one of the most high-quality plugins designed by Teplitsa. It enables you to change your site materials into Yandex News format with turbo pages support. Another benefit of this plugin is that it supports Yandex turbo-pages, custom post types, taxonomy terms, categories, and more. Moreover, it is easy for you to set up and simplify the integration of any WordPress news website with Yandex.News.


  • Compatibility with Yandex.News guidelines
  • Yandex turbo-pages support
  • Custom post types support in feed
  • Filtering by category or custom taxonomy term
  • Individual settings for posts in the feed
  • If the feed generation process overloads your DB server, you can enable cache. Just set cache lifetime value


  • Nice plugin
  • Excellent support
  • Easy to use

Vertical News Scroller

The second plugin you shouldn’t miss is Vertical News Scroller. This plugin will help you to show vertical scrolling news for the WordPress site Moreover, with the admin role, you can easily control any number of news as well as add, customize, or delete news if you want. With the Pro version, you will experience more powerful features such as support of thumbnail, news order, etc.


  • Add any number of news
  • Display desired number of news to users
  • Admin can manage scrolling news speed
  • Admin can manage scrolling news height width
  • Customized news as per your WordPress Theme
  • No Need Of Knowledge of PHP, HTML.Easy To Install Plugin
  • Premium Support Available


  • Powerful features
  • Work well
  • Responsive layout

News Announcement Scroll

The News Announcement Scroll is a helpful plugin. You can use it to assist your readers to updated about the latest and the most important news on your website. Moreover, this plugin allows you to a newsgroup and customize the title, font, colors, etc. Another advantage of this plugin is that it let you share new blog updates, sale announcements, contest announcements,…in the same position so that your audiences easily find what you posted.


  • You can add the number of the news; it will scroll one by one in the front end (vertical scrolling)
  • Divide the news into various groups. Admin can then decide which newsgroup he wishes to display
  • You can prioritize the order in which the news is displayed
  • You can customize the scroll direction i.e Down to Up/Up to Down
  • If you want, you can hide the news temporarily


  • Responsive admin layout
  • Supports localization
  • Simple to install

XML Sitemap & Google News

With more than hundreds of thousands of installs, this plugin is believed and used by many users around the world. Firstly, this plugin has the ability to create amazing feeds that comply with the XML Sitemap and the Google News Sitemap protocol. Moreover, the significant benefit of this plugin over other XML Sitemap plugins is simplicity. Furthermore, XML Sitemap and Google News also work with almost every WordPress plugin and is compatible with WordPress caching plugins that make your site load faster.


  • Compatible with multi-lingual sites using Polylang or WPML to allow all languages to be indexed equally
  • Option to add new robots.txt rules
  • Includes XLS stylesheets for human readable sitemaps
  • Sitemap templates and stylesheets can be overridden by theme template files


  • Work effectively
  • Useful tool

WP News and Scrolling Widgets

Another high-quality WordPress News Plugin that you should not miss is WP News and Scrolling Widgets. This plugin allows you to insert, control, and delete the news section on your CMS website. Moreover, it accompanies custom shortcodes to show or hide the news story. Especially, the tool is also compatible with the Gutenberg shortcode block so that it enables you to edit the story section on your website quickly. And allowing you to enter news items just as you would regular posts by adding a News tab to your admin menu is also of the highlight features of this plugin.


  • Added List view
  • Widget News Scrolling setting page removed and added a setting in widget only
  • Category wise News
  • Added new shortcode parameters


  • User-friendly interface
  • Helpful support

Simple News

As its name, this plugin is extremely easy to use and set up, the progress of installing only takes you a few minutes. This plugin enables you to customize the image size and choose other options. Moreover, there is a custom widget and shortcodes support to present the news on pages, posts, or sidebar as well.


  • Show your defined number of the latest news
  • Filter results by category id and post id
  • Change the image size
  • Add a “NEWS” post type


  • Impressive options
  • Simple tool
  • Free for download

news ticker benaceur

The beautiful plugin is one of the best solutions for you. It enables you to see the last posts or latest comments in a bar with many eye-catching animations. What’s more, you have the capability to manage and adjust the style of the bar from the admin panel and set the colors of the options page.


  • Enable/disable the plugin from the control panel
  • Compatible with mobile
  • Control the direction of the news ticker RTL / LTR or auto if your site is multi-language
  • The possibility to control speed, timeout … of animation
  • With the ability to customize an appropriate style for the control panel, you can set and adjust the colors of the options page


  • Translation ready
  • Many powerful features

Publish To Apple News

If you are looking for a useful plugin that allows your WordPress blog content to be published to your Apple News channel, this is the right choice for you. Furthermore, changing your WordPress content into Apple News format automatically is also an outstanding feature of this plugin


  • Create a custom design for your Apple News content with no programming knowledge required
  • Automatically or manually publish posts from WordPress to Apple News
  • Control individual posts with options to publish, update or delete
  • Publish individual posts or in bulk
  • Handles image galleries and popular embeds like YouTube and Vimeo that are supported by Apple News
  • Automatically adjust advertisement settings


  • Powerful support
  • Work perfectly
  • Easy to use


Although each plugin has both sides good points and drawbacks, we hope that you can consider it carefully and choose the best one for yourself. Besides, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and relatives. If you have a moment, don’t hesitate to visit our free WordPress themes to update more advanced themes for your website.