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Ribosome Pro

Unlimited sites • Lifetime updates • Lifetime support

Easy to Use • Advanced Features • Translation Ready

Ribosome Pro is a is a simple and light WordPress theme with a clear and neat design that allow you set up your website just a few minutes.

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    Dominios ilimitados: Puedes utilizar ‘Ribosome Pro’ en todos los sitios web que quieras Unlimited domains: You can use ‘Ribosome Pro’ in all websites you want
    (RWD) Diseño Web Adaptable (RWD) Responsive Web Design
    Foro de soporte personalizado Personalized support forum
    Colores de tema ilimitados Unlimited theme colors
    Editor CSS integrado en el personalizador. Puedes hacer cambios CSS sin modificar el archivo style.css CSS editor integrated in the customizer. You can make CSS changes without modifying the style.css file
    Menú principal gris claro o negro Light gray main menu or black
    7 Áreas de widgets para agregar código AdSense o cualquier otra cosa: sobre la cabecera, bajo menú principal, bajo título de entrada, al final de entrada, antes de comentarios, después de comentarios y en pie de página con tres secciones 7 widget areas to add AdSense code or anything else: Above the header, Below the main menu, Below post title, At the end of the post, Before comments and after, In the footer (three sections)
    Logo de inicio de sesión personalizado Custom login logo
    28 fuentes diferentes (Google Fonts) Available 28 differents Google fonts
    6 Widgets propios (Facebook Page Plugin, Entradas recientes con thumbnails, Entradas populares con thumbnails, Comentarios recientes con avatar, Suscripción por email, Meta widget con dashicons y posibilidad de mostrar/ocultar enlaces) 6 Custom widgets (Facebook Page Plugin, Recent posts with square thumbnails or rounded, Popular posts with square thumbnails or rounded, Recent comments with square avatars or rounded, Email subscription, Meta Widget with dashicons and ability to show/hide links)
    Sidebar a la izquierda o derecha Sidebar left or right
    Entradas relacionadas con thumbnails Related posts with thumbnails
    Extractos o entrada completa en página principal Excerpts or full posts on homepage
    Mostrar/Ocultar post meta (autor, fecha, nº de comentarios) Show/Hide post meta (author, date, comments number)
    Thumbnails de extractos de entrada redondeados o cuadrados Round thumbnails or square
    Navegación mediante breadcrumb Breadcrumb navigation
    Paginación propia Custom pagination
    Shortcodes (Botones, Mensajes, Pestañas, Acordeón) Custom shortcodes (Buttons, Messages, Accordion and Tabs)
    Redes sociales en perfil de usuario Social networks in user profile
    Integración con Google AuthorShip Google Plus Authorship Integration
    Puedes aplicar el estilo Ribosome a bbPress Easily apply Ribosome style to bbPress, just check the option
    Google Analytics ready (solo pega tu código) Google Analytics ready (just paste the code
    AddThis ready (solo pega tu código) AddThis ready (just paste the code)
    Translation Ready (archivo .po integrado) Translation Ready (.po file integrated)
    Español e inglés integrados Integrated Spanish and English
    Requiere WordPress 4.1+ Requiered WordPress 4.1+

  • FAQ's
  • Can I install Ribosome Pro in more than one domain?
    Yes, you can use Ribosome Pro on all the websites or blogs you want.

    How do I purchase Ribosome Pro?
    All payments are made exclusively through PayPal™, making it 100% safe. Once the payment in PayPal™ click the link to return to GalussoThemes and check the result of the purchase.
    In the 15 minutes following the purchase you will receive an email with a link so you can register at galussothemes.com and download the theme.
    If you do not receive the email, look in the spam folder of your email.

    I do not speak English, can I receive support in Spanish?
    Yes, you can receive support in English or Spanish.


  • = Version 2.1.0 (2019-01-03) =
    * Gutenberg ready.
    * Improved #primary and #secondary CSS width.

    = Version 2.0.2 (2018-10-29) =
    * Applied the_archive_title() and the_archive_description() functions in tag.php and category.php files.
    * Escaped get_permalink() function in functions.php file.
    * Added ‘read-more-link’ CSS class.
    * Fixed some CSS rules.

    = Version 2.0.1 (2018-05-28) =
    * Added support for WhatsApp and Telegram social icons.

    = Version 2.0.0 (2018-02-01) =
    * Now ribosome_pro_breadcrumb() function is pluggable.
    * Removed unused functions in custom-header.php file.
    * Added function ribosome_pro_widget_tag_cloud_args().
    * Added CSS rules in style.css (Lines 1479-1501).
    * Improved ‘pre’ and ‘code’ CSS properties.
    * Added ‘Overpass’ and ‘Poppins’ fonts.

    = Version 1.9.8 (2017-09-05) =
    * Improved ribosome_pro_breadcrumb() function.

    = Version 1.9.7 (2017-08-22) =
    * Modified Theme URI and Author URI.
    * Updated the readme.txt file to the new format.

    = Version 1.9.6 (2017-07-11) =
    * Fixed error ‘mixed content’ for email subscription widget on ssl sites.

    = Version 1.9.5 (2017-06-27) =
    * Removed all CSS rules for menu-toggle.
    * Improved search form.

    = Version 1.9.0 (2017-05-08) =
    * Created ‘Author info box’ as template part.
    * Added option ‘Show featured image below post titles’.

    = Version 1.8.0 (2017-03-01) =
    * Added preconnect for Google Fonts.
    * Improved CSS in widget titles.

    = Version 1.7.3 (2017-01-16) =
    * Updated ‘Font Awesome’ to 4.7.0 version.

    = Version 1.7.2 2016-11-09 =
    * Fixed small bug in ‘Recent comments’ widgets (added blank space after user name).

    = Version 1.7.1 2016-11-08 =
    * Added paragraph spacing in comments.
    * Fixed untranslatable string ‘en’ on ‘Recent comments’ widget.

    = Version 1.7.0 2016-11-08 =
    * Now for single post navigation, the function the_post_navigation () is used.
    * Removed unused CSS rule (template-front-page).
    * Removed unused function ribosome_pro_entry_meta().
    * Modified ‘AddThis’ option.
    * input type “text” changed to “search” in search form.
    * Removed custom-style.css.

    = Version 1.6.5 2016-10-04 =
    * Added hAtom ‘author’ and ‘updated’.

    = Version 1.6.4 2016-09-08 =
    * Added link to the post’s page when showing the full content on the main page.
    * Added option ‘Excerpt length’.
    * Modified the text color in the tables (remove ‘color: #757575;’).
    * Fixed submenus color (Now ‘.current-menu-item a’ is ‘.current-menu-item > a’).
    * Added action hook ‘ribosome_above_single_post_title’.

    = Version 1.6.3 2016-06-24 =
    * Improved ‘Recent posts’ widget.
    * Improved ‘Recent comments’ widget.
    * Improved ‘Popular posts’ widget.
    * Fixed bug in the accordion shortcode: added the class ‘accordion’ to the section headers (elements ‘li’).
    * Now the submenus are black when the menu is set to black.

    = Version 1.6.2 2016-06-15 =
    * Added option ‘Show author information at the end of the posts’.
    * Added option ‘Show author information on the archive page of the author’.
    * Improved form comments style.

    = Version 1.6.1 2016-05-23 =
    * [Mobile Devices] Now a menu button appears when the top bar is hidden.

    = Version 1.6.0 2016-05-17 =
    * Remove unused CSS rules in style.css file (Front page template).
    * Improved CSS rules for buttons.
    * Improve the appearance of the menu on mobile devices.
    * The top bar is now black when the theme color does not apply.
    * The footer is now darker.
    * Added option ‘Display top bar’.
    * Added option ‘Show navigation at the end of posts’.

    = Version 1.5.5 2016-04-17 =
    * Improved posts format.

    = Version 1.5.4 2016-04-16 =
    * Fixed bug on Recent posts widget.
    * Fixed typing error in the translation into Spanish.
    * Added post formats.

    = Version 1.5.3 2015-04-15 =
    * Now the menus have submenus display an icon.
    * Added theme support ‘customize-selective-refresh-widgets’.

    = Version 1.5.2 2016-04-06 =
    * Added option ‘Show breadcrumb on pages’.

    = Version 1.5.1 2016-04-04 =
    * Fixed bug on Recent posts widget.

    = Version 1.5.0 2016-04-04 =
    * Added 13 Google fonts.
    * Added breadcrumb on pages.
    * Recent posts widget: added options ‘Show dates’ and ‘Select categories’.
    * Width menu on mobile devices is equal to the screen width.

    = Version 1.4.1 2016-03-26 =
    * Fixed color menus on mobile devices.
    * Added span class=”entry-meta-categories” and span class=”entry-meta-tags”

    = Version 1.4.0 2016-03-18 =
    * Added ‘Custom CSS’ option.
    * Change the width of site-content and widget-area.

    = Version 1.3.0 2016-03-15 =
    * Added option “Show metadata in excerpts”.

    = Version 1.2.1 2016-02-04 =
    * Escaped image src, height and width property values in header.php.
    * Moved images size functions in functions.php inside theme setup function.

    = Version 1.2.0 2016-02-01 =
    * Improved SEO for ‘entry-title’ and ‘site-title’.

    = Version 1.1.0 2016-01-22 =
    * Improved ‘Back to top’ button.
    * Added option Apply theme color to the background color of selected text.

    = Version 1.0.0 2015-10-25 =
    * Initial Release