Are you searching for the perfect plugin to make your WordPress post grid stand out? Look no further! We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best Gutenberg post grid plugins out there. With a variety of customization options and user-friendly interfaces, these plugins are sure to take your website to the next level.

Introduction to Gutenberg Post Grid Plugins

The blogging world is constantly evolving with new tools and features being introduced frequently. One such recent introduction is Gutenberg Post Grid Plugins that have gained popularity amongst bloggers. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Gutenberg Post Grid Plugins available for bloggers to enhance their blogging experience. The following sections highlight each plugin’s unique features, usability, and customization options tailored to meet different blogging needs. With the right post grid plugin, bloggers can create attractive, organized, and easy-to-navigate content grids that improve user experience on their websites. Now, let’s check them out.

7+ Best Gutenberg Post Grid Plugins


Gutenberg Post Grid Plugin

PostX is a powerful Gutenberg blocks plugin that provides an excellent solution for creating stunning post grid layouts for your website. With its versatile custom blocks and layouts, PostX makes it easy to achieve a professional look for news, recipe, portfolio, and other types of websites. This user-friendly plugin offers a variety of design options, such as readymade design libraries and customizable widgets, making your website creation effortless. Compared to other plugins on this list, PostX is an excellent choice for its robust features and user-friendly interface. Overall, PostX is a notable Gutenberg post grid plugin that should not be overlooked when selecting the perfect plugin for your website.

Main features:

  • Customizable Post Grid: such as the number of columns, layout, and pagination
  • Multiple Post Layouts: including a masonry layout, list layout, and timeline layout, to display your posts
  • A lot of pre-designed Post Templates
  • Ajax Pagination allows you to load more posts without refreshing the page
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Customizable Post Meta
  • Post Filtering
  • Responsive Design

Content ViewsGutenberg Post Grid Plugin

Content Views is also regarded as a top-performing option for creating beautiful grids for your WordPress posts. This plugin is 100% responsive and offers customization options to fit any design preference. With its easy-to-use interface, no coding expertise is needed to create professional-looking grids in minutes. Additionally, Content Views offers advanced features such as pagination and filters for even more control over your post displays. Overall, this plugin is a reliable and versatile option for those looking to enhance their website’s visuals and functionality with post grids.

Main features:

  • Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
  • Flexible post grid Layouts including masonry, card, and thumbnail
  • Compatible with various page builders, themes, and plugins
  • Shortcode Support that helps you easily add custom post grids, lists, and galleries
  • Custom Fields
  • Customizable Filters
  • Sorting Options
  • Pagination

WP Ultimate Post Grid

Gutenberg Post Grid Plugin 1

WP Ultimate Post Grid is another great Gutenberg post grid plugin that allows you to display your posts in a customizable grid format. The plugin comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create beautiful post grids without needing any coding skills. It offers a range of customizations, such as choosing how many posts to display, selecting specific categories and tags, and filtering by post type.

Additionally, this plugin comes with a variety of layouts and designs to choose from, including masonry grids and carousel sliders. WP Ultimate Post Grid is easy to use and highly customizable, making it a top choice for those seeking a versatile post grid plugin. When selecting a post grid plugin, it’s important to consider the specific needs and goals of your website to ensure you choose the right plugin for your needs.

Main features:

  • Live Preview while building your grid
  • Use posts, pages or custom post types as the source
  • Grids are responsive and will look good on any device
  • Ability to set order by options
  • Link to the actual post or featured image
  • Define custom links for posts
  • Define custom images for posts
  • Add an isotope filter for any taxonomy or custom field
  • Deeplinking directly to a filtered grid
  • Grids and filters can be added anywhere with their own shortcode
  • Multiple templates for your grids
  • Extensive Template Editor to create any grid you want
  • Possibility to use pagination

The Post Grid

Gutenberg Post Grid Plugin 2

The Grid is a powerful Gutenberg post grid plugin that is highly customizable and allows for maximum versatility when creating post grids for your site. With easy customization options, tons of editing capabilities, and ready-made block designs, The Grid makes it easy to create clean layouts for your archives, posts, and pages. Moreover, you can use The Grid to display WordPress content, such as posts and pages in your custom grid layouts, allowing you to create stylish and interactive visualization for your blogs in versatile layouts. When it comes to choosing the right post grid plugin for your site, The Grid is definitely one to consider.

Main features:

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Separate Elementor Addon
  • 3 Elementor Widgets
  • 9 Elementor Layouts
  • 4 Gutenberg Blocks
  • Generate Unlimited grid.
  • Excerpt limit in word or characters
  • User define excerpt ending(… )
  • Title and button color control
  • Image size & overlay control
  • Display posts by any Taxonomy like category(s), tag(s), author(s), keyword(s)

Ultimate Blocks

Gutenberg Post Grid Plugin 3

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin that has gained a lot of popularity among bloggers and marketers. With its 18 engaging Gutenberg blocks, Ultimate Blocks helps a user to create better content easily. The best part is that this plugin is entirely free to use. The Ultimate Blocks plugin is designed to make content creation seamless, and it certainly delivers on that promise. In this article’s context, Ultimate Blocks is one of the top-performing post grid plugins, making it a valuable asset for every website owner. If you are looking for a Gutenberg blocks plugin that is easy to use and makes content creation a breeze, then Ultimate Blocks is the perfect choice for you.

Main features:

  • Post Grid Block that allows you to display your posts in a customizable grid format
  • Masonry Layout which allows you to automatically adjusts the height of the posts based on their content
  • Load More Button
  • Customizable Styles
  • Pagination support for your post grid
  • Shortcode Support

Kadence Blocks

Gutenberg Post Grid Plugin 5

Kadence Blocks is a popular WordPress plugin that adds a collection of custom blocks to the Gutenberg editor. Especially, this plugin includes a post grid block that you can use to display your posts in a customizable grid format. In addition, it provides various customization options, including the number of columns, post types, filters, and more.

You can also customize the style of the post grid, including the font, color scheme, and spacing. The Kadence Post Grid block is fully responsive, ensuring that your post grid looks great on all devices. Overall, Kadence Blocks is a versatile plugin that provides a wide range of custom blocks and customization options, including a post grid block, to help you create engaging and interactive content for your WordPress website.

Main features:

  • Plenty of useful and advanced blocks for the Gutenberg editor
  • Customizable Styles
  • Responsive Design
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Global Styles
  • Advanced Settings


Gutenberg Post Grid Plugin 6

The next perfect Gutenberg post grid plugin that we would like to mention is Coblocks. This plugin is packed with a variety of blocks, including post grids, accordions, galleries, forms, and more. Moreover, it is designed to be lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use, making it a popular choice for bloggers, marketers, and businesses looking to create visually appealing and interactive content without the need for custom coding.

Further, Coblocks is also fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor, the default editor for WordPress, making it easy to create and edit content directly within the editor. The plugin is regularly updated with new blocks and features, ensuring that users have access to the latest tools and technologies for creating compelling content.

Main features:

  • Customizable Post Grids
  • Live Preview
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Load More Button
  • Customizable Styles
  • Accessibility


To sum up, choosing the right post grid plugin can make all the difference in the appearance and functionality of your WordPress website. Each of mentioned plugins above offers unique features and benefits to users, making it important to consider your specific needs and preferences before making a final decision. Whether you are looking for a versatile and highly customizable plugin or a top-performing solution for your WP site, there is a post-grid plugin out there that can meet your requirements. Overall, utilizing one of these plugins can enhance the visual appeal and user experience of your website, ultimately leading to increased engagement and traffic.

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