There are several ways to create a beautiful gallery on your website. However, which is the most efficient plugin? Going over the following collection of WordPress Gutenberg Gallery Plugins below.

There is no denying that Gutenberg editor brings you many valuable benefits. However, there are some restrictions, so it is difficult for you to showcase your gorgeous photos in an impressive way. With the support of WordPress Gutenberg Gallery, all your problems will be solved with ease. This tool enables you to create many attractive galleries and portfolios to catch the visitor’s attention at the first sight. Moreover, you can use more layouts to makes them more impressive without any coding knowledge. Therefore, in today’s article, we suggested 6 outstanding WordPress Gutenberg Gallery tackle your issues with ease. Let’s start.



GutenBee has helped thousand of websites display professional galleries on their website. It provides you a bunch of impressive blocks such as Button, Banner, Accordion, Container, Countdown, and much more. Also, you can display a lot of images on the sideshow by adding a slideshow to your post or pages. Especially, with the testimonial block, you can showcase your testimonials with various layouts.



JetProductGallery is the ultimate Gutenberg plugin for WordPress websites! Bring your product gallery to life with an array of advanced customization options including images, videos, YouTube, Vimeo – you name it! Stand out from the crowd and make sure your product gallery gets noticed for all the right reasons. With JetProductGallery, you’ll be creating product galleries like never before!

Photo Gallery By Gt3

The second amazing plugin that you shouldn’t ignore is Photo Gallery. By using this plugin, you can extend the native WordPress Gallery functionality. It provides you loads of settings onboard, so you can easily change the colors, size, layouts for beautiful galleries. Moreover, your website will look great on any screen thanks to the fully responsive feature. Further, it lets you generate masonry style gallery previews, classic grid style gallery previews, and etc.

Essential Grid Gallery Wordpress Plugin

Essential Grid Gallery is a highly versatile and feature-rich WordPress plugin developed by ThemePunch. It revolutionizes the way websites showcase images, videos, and other media content, providing users with a powerful tool for creating stunning and interactive galleries. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of customization options, Essential Grid Gallery offers unlimited possibilities for creative expression and seamless integration with any WordPress theme.

Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks


Getwid has been built with a list of helpful blocks that help you create any type of page. There are plenty of blocks including heading block, icon block, social link block, and much more. In addition, you have the ability to adjust the height, color, and select which image to display. Also, Image Box Block permits you to add animation effects, change the size, modify spacing, and much more. Especially, you have the ability to showcase the texts with different colors and animation effects.



Gutentor is a perfect choice for your site. It brings you a lot of flexible blocks that you can use to design any beautiful webpage. In addition, this plugin offers highly customizable row/ columns options for creative designers. Last but not least, having many intensive options on each block including border, Margin-padding, SVG shape, animation effects, and much more.



Photonic will help you handle any problems related to galleries, portfolios, since it offers you plenty of useful supports including Galleries and Collections, along with Google Photos photos and albums, SmugMug folders, albums and images, Zenfolio photos, Photosets and Groups, and much more. In addition, it has video support, thanks to that you can upload videos from youtube or Vimeo. Moreover, you can use various layouts to make your galleries more impressive.

Image Hover Effects Ultimate

Image Hover Effects Ultimate

Image Hover Effects Ultimate provides you with over 600 images of Hover Effects and an easy-to-use interface. In addition, it supports all popular page builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver builder, and much more. Plus, there are plenty of layouts that you apply for impressive galleries. Another remarkable feature is that this plugin allows you to create image effects, add a carousel and a slider, and others.

Wordpress Gutenberg Gallery 6

Thanks to a robust Drag and drop functionality, Responsive lightbox and Gallery will enable you create attractive galleries and personalize them without any technical prerequisites. Furthermore, this plugin has a range of customization options for each gallery and lightbox, allowing you to customize them to match your website. Another advantage is that it is a lightweight and fast design, so your website will load quickly when viewed on any device.

Wordpress Gutenberg Gallery Plugins

Simply Gallery Blocks provides a variety of advanced options and capabilities for creating responsive picture, video, and audio galleries. Furthermore, this plugin is compatible with the native WordPress Gallery ( Gutenberg and Classic Editor). As a result, you may use it to create stunning galleries for your website. More effects and animations are available. It also allows you to customize the format of your galleries.


Which is the most suitable WordPress Gutenberg Gallery Plugins for your site? We hope that set of outstanding plugins above are worthwhile for your website. In addition, are you having any problems with this collection? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you need support. By the way, if you are looking for a lot of beautiful themes to makes your site more attractive, let’s visit our Free WordPress Themes to update them right now.

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