Getting more visitors and retaining them is the way every blog and site owner wants. Of course, One trick to do this is to create an online quiz. If you are using Elementor to manage your website, you can use the plugin to create quick interactive quizzes.

The benefits of the Elementor Quiz Plugin for your site

In fact, there are several advantages when you install an Elementor Quiz Plugin. Firstly, this is a perfect tool to create a lot of interesting questions and quizzes on your sites. In addition, this plugin allows you to set a timer, so you can save much time and as a result, participants will get the results immediately after the answers have been submitted yet. If you want to explore more useful features. Let’s check the listing below.

Top Useful Elementor Quiz Plugin

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker

Firstly, this plugin is an Elementor Quiz Theme that is useful and perfect to support your website. Plus, It helps you make a quiz in a short time in the easiest way. Moreover, you will guide how to use it thanks to the available steps. What’s more, There is a lot of settings in the quiz dashboard. For example, randomize questions, randomize answers, question bank and, disable data storing in your database, and so on.

Provides Features:

  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Results sheet
  • Question Image
  • Quiz styles(width, height, color, background etc.)
  • Randomize questions
  • Randomize answers
  • Only for logged in users option
  • Show correct answers
  • Text for right/wrong answers
  • Timer
  • Fields for user data collection
  • Styles preview


  • Fully responsive
  • Saving time
  • Easy to use

myCred Elementor

Mycred Elementor

Secondly, Elementor with myCred plugin converts myCred shortcodes into Elements of Elementor. Especially, There are 34 myCred Elements supported in this addon which helps admin to drag and drop each Element according to their requirement.

Provides Features:

  • myCred Elementor comes with 34 Elements and can use as a drag and drop.
  • Admin can manage settings of each Block (Element) from the front-end.


  • Fully responsive
  • Shortcodes
  • Easily drag and drop

Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Plugin

Quiz Cat


Thirdly, Quiz Cat is the easiest way to build viral & engaging quizzes for your WordPress site. Plus, It takes just a few minutes to set up a knowledge test, trivia quiz, or viral personality quiz. Moreover, Simply set up your questions, answers, and results, and your quiz is ready to go in minutes. Furthermore, Quiz Cat quizzes are fully responsive. No matter what device your readers are on, your quiz will look and function great.

Provides Features:

  • Personality quizzes
  • Weighted quizzes
  • Email capture after quiz completion
  • Integration with popular email marketing tools
  • Zapier integration
  • Lead segmentation via tags & merge fields
  • Redirect to URL after quiz completion
  • Shuffle quiz questions
  • Enable/disable answer explanations
  • “Restart quiz” option
  • Quiz analytics
  • Quiz response spreadsheet export
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Premium email support


  • Fully translatable
  • Nice look
  • Multi-purpose

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons For Elementor

Next, This template is a perfect Elementor Quiz Plugin. Plus, it brings you the most modern and trendy design to your Elementor page building experience. Thanks to this plugin, you can create nearly all sorts of forms such as quizzes, and questionnaires, and way further. Moreover, It gives you the ability to build a sophisticated website experience with 70+ highly customizable and creative widgets and extensions.

Provides Features:

  • 30+ Elementor widgets
  • Global style settings
  • Exclusive Addons is Incredibly Customizable with all the options you could ever imagine
  • It has optimized images and codes for a fast-loading experience.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast-loading
  • Fully responsive

Chained Quiz

Chained Quiz 1

Subsequently, This is a unique conditional logic quiz plugin that lets you create quizzes. Especially, the next question depends on the answer to the previous question. Moreover, You can publish a quiz place its shortcode in a post or page.

Provides Features:

  • There is no limitation to the number of quizzes, questions, or results you can have
  • Assign points to each answer
  • Define what to do from your specific answer
  • Go pro with watupro


  • Shortcodes
  • Flexible design
  • Unlimited number quiz

EasyJobs – Easiest Talent Recruitment Suite – Job Manager & Career Page in Elementor



A next plugin is a Software as a Service (SaaS) recruitment solution. Besides, you can make it easier & effective in using the right solution. Furthermore, Personality Test & more to make the interview engaging for both and increase the brand value to the candidate.

Provides Features:

  • Get your entire team onboard
  • Find the right candidate faster
  • Establish your employer brand
  • Back by a trusted team


  • Attractive
  • Faster & Better
  • Power design

Show-Hide / Collapse-Expand

Show Hide Collapse

The last plugin is a WordPress Quiz Plugin. Most important of all, It allows you to easily manage the amount of content shown to the user upon entering your website. In addition, You will find it handy for grouping content, composing FAQs, collapsing long lists, and expanding them on click. On top of that, It will free your pages from clutter and give your website a stylish minimalistic look and feel.

Provides Features:

  • Set custom animation speed
  • Add your custom JS functions to click events
  • Collapse/Expand lists
  • Easily add FAQs
  • Add hidden answers to quizzes (answer opens on button click)
  • Collapse widgets to declutter sidebars
  • Save space on pages by grouping the content under expandable headings
  • Use hyperlinks or stylish pure-CSS buttons
  • Easily customize the settings and insert the shortcode with a TinyMCE button
  • Make button stick to the end of the expanded content


  • Shortcodes
  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to use


We have already brought you the Top 7 Stunning Elementor Quiz Plugin so that you can use it to support your website. Moreover, Getting access to Free WordPress Theme to see more.

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