Nowadays, the rapid development of online business is not only a good opportunity but also a challenge for WooStore owners. It requires each WooStore owner to constantly boost their stores with various strategies to compete with their rivals.

And adopting dynamic pricing is considered one of the most effective strategies to help you increase your profit for your business. In today’s blog, we bring you the top 7 outstanding Woocommerce pricing plugins that will help you easily achieve your goals in business. Let’s get started.

The advantages of using the Woocommerce Pricing plugin

First of all, the Woocommerce Pricing plugins come with tons of powerful features, so they allow you to add a professional pricing table on your website. In addition, by using these tools, you can hold discount products on events such as Black Friday to get more revenue.

One of the most remarkable benefits is that they will display multiple prices based on different user role. And there are a wide array of useful functions that we listed below each plugin. Now, it’s time for you to dig into and choose the best one for your site.

7 Best Woocommerce Pricing Plugins

WooCommerce Pricing

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin

Woocommerce Pricing is a powerful Woocommerce Pricing plugin that assists you to generate a wide range of pricing tables on your WordPress site. In addition, you are able to add plenty of packages with many useful functions. Moreover, it provides you with tons of styles, so you can customize and change table elements to suit your themes. Plus, the Woocommerce Pricing plugin is also a perfect choice for creating a catalog of products for your store, art gallery, and much more.

Main features:

  • Unlimited price table anywhere
  • Can be created unlimited tables with unlimited rows and columns
  • You can display the image in each column
  • You can display icons in each line
  • Recommended column
  • You can set other colors for the each table
  • Background image for the table area
  • Drag and drop items for easy sorting
  • URL button and text
  • Font size settings
  • You can create pricing in any language
  • Advanced settings for each table
  • Each type has unique customizable parameters
  • You can create clone an existing table to create a new one with just one click

Wholesale Suite

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin 1

This is an effective Woocommerce pricing plugin for your online store because it allows you to add new wholesale Woocommerce user roles to generate additional role levels for your clients. By using this plugin, you can also display multiple prices for each product based on the user role. Additionally, it permits you to modify the wholesale user role name & wholesale price text.

Main features:

  • New user role “Wholesale Customer”
  • Set wholesale prices for the new user role (different prices per product) on Simple products or Variable product variations
  • Show/hide the retail price from wholesale customers
  • Private store/WooCommerce catalog mode option (hides price & add to cart until login)
  • Disable WooCommerce coupons for wholesale customers
  • Adjust the wholesale user role name & wholesale price text
  • Works with any theme
  • Works with WooCommerce CSV import/export tool
  • Multi-currency support with Aelia Currency Switcher, WPML Currency & WOOCS

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin 2

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce is another helpful tool that you should try for your website. One of Price Based on Country’s strengths is that it enables you to sell the same product in different currencies based on the customers’ country. This plugin will automatically detect the country of your site’s visitors, then it will showcase the right currency and price you have set up previously for this country. Thanks to that, you can sell and get payments in various currencies and reduce the costs of currency conversions.

Main features:

  • Calculate price by applying the exchange rate
  • Set price manually
  • Sell and receive payments in different currencies
  • Allow your customer change the country from the frontend of your website
  • Apply currency conversion to Flat and International Flat Rate Shipping
  • compatible with WPML.

Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin 3

The dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules plugin is specially designed for Woocommerce to support you in applying bulk discounts to Woocommerce products quickly. Thanks to this plugin, you can add your new pricing or discount roles based on any specified parameters. Besides that, it allows you to show the pricing table on the product details page. You also have the ability to customize various aspects of pricing table such as titles, border colors, etc.

Main features:

  • Percentage / Fixed price discounts
  • Discounts based on Product Price
  • Discounts based on Cart Tota
  • Discounts based on number of items on Cart
  • Discounts on all products in a category
  • WooCommerce discount based on quantity
  • WooCommerce dynamic pricing table
  • Discounts on specific products
  • Exclude selected products from discounts
  • Quantity or range based discounts

WooCommerce Price Per Unit

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin

The free version of this Woocommerce Pricing plugin will allow you to sell products easily if you want to sell numerous weight options that have the same price for each kilogram. Moreover, it permits you to customize the price for the first time. Then the option price will be calculated automatically.

Main features:

  • Recalculation per different weight or number
  • Full variable products support
  • Recalculation per different weight unit
  • Supported also in Cart
  • Custom ratio – recalculation per different units number

Call for Price for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin

Call For Price for Woocommerce permits you to showcase “Call for Price” in various scenarios. For instance, product price is empty or once a product price falls in a particular price range. Moreover, it allows you to customize the text and style of “Call for Price”. Especially, it supports variable products.

Main features:

  • Configure label text and styling per product
  • Display custom text (Call for Price) only for products falling in particular price range
  • Allows to set custom text for each product types such as Simple, Variable, Grouped, and External
  • Hide sale tags for products with empty prices
  • Hide the disabled ‘Add to cart button for variations with empty prices
  • Add custom text for ‘Call for Price’ products on archive pages

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Pricing Plugin

The last amazing Woocomerce Pricing plugin in today’s collection is Pricing Deals for Woocommerce. This plugin will help you generate both Dynamic Cart Pricing discounts and Catalog price discounts. You can also use the bulk option for simple deals.

Main features:

  • Bulk Discounts
  • BOGO Deals
  • Cart Deal activation by Woo Coupon
  • Catalog Pricing
  • Show a Cart discounts directly in the Unit Price, or as an automatically-inserted Woo Coupon

Wrap up

To sum up, that is a list of the top 8 highly recommended Woocommerce pricing plugins that you should use for your online website. If you figure out your favorite plugin, don’t forget to let us know your selection by leaving a comment below.

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