Are you looking for a free WordPress Flipbook plugin to convert PDFs into dynamic flipbooks? If yes, don’t miss our blog. In this article, we will bring you a collection of 5 high-quality solutions for your website. By using these tools, you can create attractive content to encourage the audience to explore your content. Exceptionally, they are completely free to download. Now, let’s check them out.

What is a WordPress Flipbook Plugin?

WordPress Flipbook Plugin is a specific tool that is designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress websites and help users convert static documents, such as PDFs, images and other media into interactive, flipbook-style presentations. This enhances the visual appeal and engagement of digital content by simulating the experience of flipping through the pages of a physical book or magazine.

What are the advantages of using the WordPress Flipbook Plugin for your website?

If you are a creator, publisher or business who would like to display content in a dynamic and immersive format, then using WordPress Flipbook Plugin is necessary for websites. Here are some notable advantages of installing the WordPress 3D Flipbook Plugin for your website.

First of all, this tool helps you convert your static documents into lively flipbooks that create an interactive and visually appealing experience and attract the attention of the audience to your content. Secondly, for businesses selling products or services, flipbooks provide an effective way to showcase offerings with a dynamic and immersive presentation, potentially influencing purchasing decisions. Some tools provide content analytics feature that gives you insights into reader behaviour and other useful metrics. You can take advantage of this data to improve your content strategy.

Moreover, the WordPress Flipbook Plugin can facilitate content distribution and sharing, as flipbooks can be easily embedded and shared on social media platforms or via email, expanding the reach of the content and increasing its exposure. This tool also allows you to customize various aspects of the flipbook to align with your brand’s identity and your requirements.

5 Best WordPress Flipbook Plugins Free Download


Wordpress Flipbook Plugin

With over 100,000 active installations, DearFlip is considered one of the top-notch WordPress Flipbook plugins that you should install for your website. This plugin allows you to create both a 2D and 3D flipbook. Even it has the ability to transform your flat photos and PDFs into interactive and real-life books using innovative WebGL technology. Moreover, you can create a storybook out of your images or portfolio and tell your experience with albums by using an image flipbook feature.

DearFlip offers several ways to add a 3D flipbook to your WordPress site. Further, DearFlip now supports the popup (lightbox) approach, which may be used to embed flipbooks in a WordPress page. It contains a thumb popup function, which displays a thumbnail of the PDF cover.

Main features:

  • Offer realistic 3D flipbook and 2D flipbook
  • Easily WordPress post structure to create flipbook and shortcode
  • Offer table of contents for PDF
  • Have a custom table of contents creator
  • Page thumbnails preview
  • Deep linking to pages of a flipbook via share button
  • Categories to organize flipbook
  • Multiple flipbook shortcode to display multiple books
  • PDF download enable and disable

3D FlipBook

Wordpress Flipbook Plugin 1

3D Flipbook is another great solution for your website since it comes with plenty of powerful features that help you transform your static PDFs and image collections into dynamic, interactive 3D flipbooks. It not only allows you to create a PDF flipbook but also allows you to create an image flipbook and HTMl flipbook without limitations in pages or file size.

Whether you’re showcasing magazines, books, cards, brochures, or booklets, 3D FlipBook captivates users with its lifelike animations and impressive visual appeal, thanks to WebGL technology. Besides that, it is packed with a variety of skins available for both light and dark themes, ensuring a seamless integration with any website design. To sum up, if you are a content creator or publisher, then 3D FlipBook is a great choice to help you make an impression with your audience.

Main features:

  • Insert in your flipbooks Google AdSense, Audio, HTML, Link, iFrame, Image, Video, YouTube
  • Track all book pages visited by your users
  • Create flat and volumetric flipbooks with different flip animations
  • Sharp and clear text at any zoom level
  • Use one shortcode to show all flipbooks
  • Find everything in your PDFs
  • Automatically generates thumbnails for your flipbooks
  • Build the table of contents for your flipbooks with PDF bookmarks
  • Completely responsive
  • Disable useless commands for your flipbooks

Real 3D FlipBook

Wordpress Flipbook Plugin 2

There is no denying that Real 3D FlipBook is a favourite WordPress Flipbook plugin that is trusted by a lot of WordPress users. This plugin stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly approach, using only javascript to avoid the need for iframes or external services. It allows you to easily create a flipbook by uploading a PDF or using images.

Another notable feature is that Real 3D Flipbook offers a range of view modes to accommodate various design preferences. With the assistance of Real 3D FlipBook, you can elevate your website’s content presentation while maintaining control over your files and design preferences.

Main features:

  • Create a flipbook by simply uploading a PDF or set PDF url
  • Create a flipbook from images
  • Open the flipbook by clicking on a book cover image
  • Highly optimized CSS3 flip
  • 2D view mode – alternative to 3D mode
  • Horizontal swipe animation instead of flip
  • Scroll view mode
  • Fullscreen flipbook
  • Displays one page at a time instead of spread
  • Auto-detect page size
  • Target zoom with double click or mouse wheel

Unreal FlipBook

Wordpress Flipbook Plugin 4

With the ability to construct volume books with page thickness, Unreal FlipBook is the most accurate computer replica of a real-world book or magazine. What distinguishes this plugin is its meticulous attention to detail in replicating the opening and shutting procedure of a physical book. Besides, this plugin enables you to customize the shape of flipping pages to ensure a unique and personalized experience.

Further, the plugin not only provides an aesthetically pleasing and immersive reading experience but also adds a touch of realism by accurately depicting the deformations of internal pages during the opening and closing of the cover. Last but not least, the plugin enables you to drag and drop pages together. The engine resolves the collisions and displays the natural scene.

Main features:

  • Google Analytics
  • Predefined flipbook styles
  • Auto resolution
  • Double pages PDFs
  • 3D FlipBook categories
  • 3D FlipBook shortcode generator
  • RTL – right-to-left, top-to-bottom script
  • Default flipbook template/lightbox option


Wordpress Flipbook Plugin 5

By using this FlippingBook, you can effortlessly transform PDFs into engaging HTML5 flipbooks. It gives you the ability to customize different aspects of your flipbook including adding your company branding, and interactive elements such as videos, popup images, etc. Moreover, it provides you with a content analytics feature that helps you track page views, outbound clicks, and time users spend in your document. From that, you can have the right plans to improve your marketing and sales.

A useful feature is that FlippingBook enables you to share flipbook via email, or on social media, or embed a flipbook into any page of your website. With the FlippingBook plugin, you can protect your flipbook from downloading and sharing by setting a password or making it accessible only to specific websites. Especially, this is a WordPress flipbook plugin free download, so don’t hesitate to try it right now.

Main features:

  • Allow you to customize your flipbook easily
  • Make your flipbook easy to share
  • Provide content analytics to track your flipbook performance
  • Allow you to enrich your flipbook with interactive elements
  • Make your content sucure with conten protection
  • Mobile-friendly content

The bottom line

Finally, we evaluated the 5 best WordPress flipbook plugins for 2023 that are completely free solutions, so you download them without paying any money. Some plugins offer premium versions that are essential when you need more advanced features. Hopefully, these plugins allow you to build dynamic and interesting flipbooks that improve the overall appearance and feel of your website while also increasing traffic and revenue.

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