Which is the most excellent WordPress Gutenberg Image Slider plugin for your site? Don’t ignore the collection below because it contains what you are looking for.

The necessity of WordPress Gutenberg Image Slider for your site

If you’re bored with web pages with all text content, displaying a lot of images and videos as a stunning slider is a great ideal for your website. In addition, this method also helps your website grab the visitors’ attention for the first time. Fortunately, there is a wide range of powerful tools on the internet that help you create many appealing sliders without touching any lines of code.

For this reason, we collected plenty of plugins to handle your problems. In addition to allowing you to generate a slider based on images, you also have the ability to add animation effects, change background color, adjust space, and much more. Now, let’s discover the following plugin to choose your favorite tool.

Top 8 excellent WordPress Gutenberg Image Slider

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3

Smartslider3 is one of the top-notch WordPress image slider plugins for your website. It comes with rich features that help you create a professional slider containing a lot of stunning motion effects. Additionally, you can customize layers, add background animation, enable full-width responsive modes, and much more. In order to help you save much time and effort, this plugin also offers a lot of pre-built slides. However, there are a lot of beautiful pre-made sliders only available in the pro version.



MetaSlider is the first useful image slider plugin that you should not ignore. By using this plugin, you easily create beautiful sliders thanks to a drag and drop interface. In addition, the plugin allows you to crop images to match your themes and then place them at any position on your site. Moreover, you can use videos or dynamically sourced website content with this plugin.

Responsive WordPress Slider

Responsive Wordpress Slider

Using Responsive WordPress Slider is a great ideal to help you generate an appealing slider based on a lot of available images. Firstly, this plugin allows you to customize slider layers, add images and videos, apply a lot of lively animation to make your slider more attractive. Secondly, it also enables you to create a Woocommerce slider to showcase your impressive products in a professional way. One of the good points is that this plugin is 100% responsive, thanks to that, your sliders certainly look perfectly on any device and screen.

Slider by Soliloquy

Slider By Soliloquy

Slider by Soliloquy is a prevalent plugin in the market that allows you to generate a wide range of gorgeous sliders from a lot of available images and videos. In addition, it enables you to design an SEO-friendly slider through the drag and drop interface. Moreover, you are able to use animation effects to make a different appearance for your slider. You can also start with a pre-created template to save effort. And finally, this plugin is totally compatible with Gutenberg.

Slider by 10Web

Slider By 10Web

Slider by 10web is an optimal solution for those who want to display a lot of images and videos as a beautiful slider on their website. This plugin comes with a lot of powerful features and functionality. The free version enables you to add both images and videos from video hosting platforms such as youtube to include in your slide. Making your sider more impressive with transition effects, marketing buttons, social media buttons, and much more.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Wordpress Gutenberg Image Slider 1

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg includes a plethora of useful blocks including as tabs, headings, icons lists, infoboxes, and much more. You may use post carousel to display a list of your picture posts in visually appealing layouts like as timeline, grid, carousel, and masonry. Furthermore, it provides a plethora of useful choices for quickly customizing things.


Wordpress Gutenberg Image Slider 1 1

Getwid provides you with a collection of 40 Gutenberg Blocks, which is an excellent idea for assisting you in creating any landing pages, services pages, portfolio, and much more with less headaches. You can also create image sliders with full control and navigation styles with the help of the Image slider block. It also lets you to change the size of the slides, use animation effects, and add custom space.

Kadence Blocks


Kadence Blocks offers a collection of professional blocks. One of the standout blocks is the advanced gallery, which allows you to create stunning photo galleries, carousels, and sliders. Furthermore, you may easily customize links, caption placements, and much more. You may also choose which image size to use for your thumbnail.

The final verdict

Which is the most effective option for your site? We hope that this collection offers you a lot of valuable solutions to tackle your issue. If you need our help, please write down a comment below, we are always ready to support you.

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