Honestly, it is hard for you to choose the best WordPress PWA Plugin from unlimited tools in the market nowadays. However, this post is a worthwhile solution for you. We collected the top best WordPress PWA Plugin based on many excellent ratings from users over the world.

Why should you use WordPress PWA Plugin for your site?

PWA is a progressive Web App that looks like a natural website but supports full touch operations, full features as a native App such as a camera, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth,…In other words, it is not more different than other App, but it takes up less storage capacity and you don’t need to spend much time downloading this app. Besides that, by using the PWA, you can provide users a great experience on the web, and especially this tool makes your customers load the site’s homepage faster.

Top Effective WordPress PWA Plugins

Progressive WordPress

Progressive Wordpress

Firstly, the great plugin we would like to introduce is Progressive WordPress. This plugin allows you to add Web app features to your website as easy as pie. Besides, it also lets your customers insert your site into their home-screen as well. Furthermore, the progressive WordPress Plugin permits you to manage the show behavior of your site, so it will be displayed without browser elements.


  • Send push notifications
  • Make your website reliable
  • Provide an integrated user experience
  • Add progressive web app features


  • Just perfect
  • Excellent app
  • Amazing



This amazing plugin is considered one of the most high-quality WordPress PWA plugins because of its powerful features. This tool provides a nice place for you to support Web App Manifest, HTTPS, and Service Workers. Moreover, this plugin is believed by many users because it can load instantly but you don’t need to display the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions.


  • Respond quickly to user interactions
  • Load instantly and never show the downasaur
  • Feel like a natural app on the device
  • Provide the PWA building blocks


  • Very exciting
  • Very much needed
  • Easy to configure

Super Progressive Web Apps

Super Progressive Web Apps

If you are looking for a useful tool to bring your customers a great experience, it is just the right choice for you. By using this plugin, it takes a few minutes to convert your WordPress website into a Progressive Web App instantly. Moreover, it allows you to change the color of the browser address bar of Chrome.


  • Show the “Add to home screen” notice
  • Aggressive caching of pages
  • Edit the Application Name and Application Short name
  • Set the start page of your PWA
  • Set custom offline page
  • Change the color of browser address bar of Chrome
  • Set Accelerated Mobile Page version of the start page
  • And more


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Simply amazing
  • Work well

PWA for WP & AMP

Pwa For Wp &Amp; Amp

With many advanced features, this plugin gives you the possibility to insert the power of the progressive Web Apps on your AMP and WP quickly. Moreover, you also have the capacity to get your WordPress site to your audience’s home screen. Furthermore, this plugin can also work instantly such as an APP with offline support.


  • Easily change start URL
  • Caching Strategy for PWA enabled assets
  • APP Banners in Home-screen
  • UTM Tracking
  • Continuous Development
  • OneSignal support with multisite
  • Cache Expire option
  • And more


  • Excellent plugin
  • Awesome
  • Fantastic

WebSuite PWA

Websuite Pwa

Another amazing WordPress PWA plugin you shouldn’t miss is WebSuite PWA. This plugin allows you to transform your website(s) into progressive web applications, with integrated AMP support. What’s more, it provides various App Themes and shows configurations to choose from and support on all smartphones and tablets. Especially, it is compatible with many common Browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Android Native Browser.


  • Easily integrates with Google Analytics
  • Add the mobile web application to the home screen
  • Increase engagement by sending web alerts
  • Customize the appearance
  • Preview display settings


  • Impressive
  • Great plugin

WordPress Mobile Pack


WordPress Mobile Pack is an excellent WordPress PWA Plugin for converting your site’s content into a progressive mobile web application. Furthermore, you may be able to alter the appearance of your mobile web app so that it resembles your brand identity.

Provided features:

  • Access to multiple app themes
  • Loading the mobile web application
  • Add to Homescreen
  • Choose what pages you want to display
  • Customize your mobile web app’s appearance


  • Works well
  • Perfect plugin



We hope that you through many provided significant features you can consider carefully and choose the best PWA plugin for yourself. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible. Besides, there are several advanced themes at our free WordPress Themes, let’s visit and update them for your WP site.

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