There are many beautiful, unique and particular share icons that help you to connect and share the content widely. Let’s consult the list of Share Button Plugins below and consider what best suited for you.

Why are the WordPress Share Button Plugins important for your site?

It is exciting if your valuable content is shared and spread around the web and a lot of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more. Thanks to that, your website will attract more visits’ attention, and as the result, you improve the traffic and engagement for your site. With mentioned benefits, let’s take a look at the listing below to choose the best one.

Top Best WordPress Share Button Plugins

WordPress Share Buttons Plugin – E-MAILiT


The first WordPress Share Button Plugin is E-MAILiT that is creating a new experience, growing site owners’ audience and their revenue, faster, by re-inventing Share Buttons. Once installed, visitors to the website can share any content on the Web with friends using a variety of services, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and over 160 other social networking sites and messaging apps.

Provided Features:

  • 100% Customizable
  • Universal Share Menu
  • Floating share buttons
  • Individual share links and custom share icons


  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • GDPR Compliance Tool
  • Remove Branding Tool

Social Media Share Buttons Popup & Pop Up Social Sharing Icons

Social Media Share Buttons Popup &Amp; Pop Up Social Sharing Icons

The second WordPress Share Button Plugin is Social Media Share Buttons which lets you add share icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and 200+ other social media platforms. Besides, you can upload custom share icons of your choice.

Provided Features:

  • Give several actions to one social media share icon
  • Decide to give your social media icons an animation
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your blog by Email
  • Decide to display a pop-up


  • More pop up options
  • Social media counters optimized
  • Position the social icons by anchor and margins

AddToAny Share Buttons

Addtoany Share Buttons

The third WordPress Share Button Plugin we want to mention is The AddToAny Share Buttons. This plugin for WordPress increases traffic and engagement by helping people share your posts and pages to any service. Services include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, WeChat, and over 100 more sharing and social media sites & apps.

Provided Features:

  • Standard share buttons
  • Image sharing buttons
  • Programmatically with template tags
  • Custom share icons


  • Google Analytics integration
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Free AddToAny without signup, login, or accounts to manage

WordPress Button Plugin MaxButtons

Wordpress Button Plugin Maxbuttons

Fourthly, MaxButtons is a powerful WordPress button, share button, and social icon plugin. The button editor with live preview makes it a snap to generate awesome responsive buttons in very little time. Additionally, the social share buttons and social icon features allow you to add social options to your website in minutes.

Provided Features:

  • No coding, the plugin takes care of everything
  • Button shortcodes for ease of use
  • Color picker for unlimited color combinations
  • Works with all modern browsers


  • Multi-line text
  • Include images in buttons
  • Button Search

WordPress Share Buttons Plugin – AddThis


The fifth is Free WordPress Share Buttons Plugin which makes it easier than ever for your audience to spread your content around the web. This WordPress Share Button Plugin lets you connect to over 200 social channels including Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

Provided Features:

  • Expanding share buttons
  • Inline share buttons
  • Expanding share buttons


  • Adjust coloring to match your brand
  • Fully customizable

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

The sixth one is Sassy Social Share. This is one of the simplest and Smoothest Social Sharing plugins with optimized and great-looking vector icons. It enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Parler, Gab, and over 100 more social sharing and bookmarking services.

Provided Features:

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  • Compatible with myCRED
  • Options to specify sharing icon background color and logo color


  • URL Shortening Service integration
  • Compatible with BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce
  • Multisite Compatible

Superb Social Media Share Buttons and Follow Buttons for WordPress

Superb Social Media Share Buttons And Follow Buttons For Wordpress

The seventh plugin that increases traffic to your website with our GDPR compliant, lightweight, and responsive social media share buttons and social media follow buttons for WordPress is Superb Social Media Share Buttons and Follow Buttons. It is compatible with cache plugins and works with most common eCommerce, page builder, and affiliate plugins such as WooCommerce, Beaver Builder, Elementor, Page Builder, and Easy Digital Downloads.

Provided Features:

  • Multiple designs
  • Only show icons
  • Works with Short URLs
  • Gutenberg Compatible


  • Lightweight code and smooth design
  • Customize the order of your social media buttons
  • Hide on Mobile

Social Share Buttons & Analytics Plugin –

The eighth WordPress Share Button Plugin is Social Share Buttons & Analytics Plugin. With this plugin, you can have beautiful share buttons on your website for over 30 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, and more. Social share buttons are a great way to encourage your users to share content on social media, helping you increase your reach and boost your traffic.

Provided Features:

  • Horizontal and Floating Share and Follow Buttons
  • Native Social Sharing Buttons
  • Reaction ButtonsReaction Buttons


  • Mobile Share and Follow Buttons
  • Image Share Buttons
  • Customizable Share Buttons

Simple Social Media Share Buttons – Social Sharing for Everyone

Social Sharing For Everyone

Simple Social Buttons is the ninth WordPress Share Button Plugin which adds ( with lots of options like Sidebar, inline, above and below the content of the post, on photos, popups, and fly-ins ) an advanced set of social media sharing buttons to your WordPress sites, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With a rich set of features, it is one of the most flexible Social Sharing plugins.

Provided Features:

  • Social Share buttons on left & right sidebars with Animations
  • Display Total Share counts
  • Upgrade to Pro for customizing the colors
  • Stunning Animations


  • Settings for customizing the colors
  • Hide Social Share buttons on mobile devices
  • Apply Social Share buttons on Specific Custom Post Types

re Buttons, Social Sharing Icons, Click to Tweet — Social Media Plugin by Social Snap

Social Media Plugin By Social Snap

The tenth WordPress Share Button Plugin on the top list is Social Snap. This plugin is the leading WordPress social sharing plugin that helps you drive more traffic and increase engagement by leveraging the power of social media.

Provided Features:

  • Easily add beautiful and highly customizable social share buttons
  • Display individual and/or total share counts
  • Easily edit share button labels and maximize engagement
  • Unlock 30+ social share buttons and actions


  • Change share buttons order
  • Change share buttons labels
  • Loads asynchronously so it doesn’t slow down your website

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

Eleventhly, the Simple Share Buttons Adder adds share buttons to all of your posts and pages simply. You can even upload and use your own custom images if you wish. A self-explanatory administration screen will have you showing your Share Buttons on your posts and pages in no time!

Provided Features:

  • Modern Share Buttons
  • Simple Share Buttons
  • Provides 1 block


  • Adds share buttons to all of your posts and pages
  • Customizable Share Buttons, Icon, and Icon Hover colors


Shareaholic is one of the world’s leading suite of Audience Growth & Engagement tools. It allows you to add Award-Winning Social Share Buttons, Related Posts, Content Analytics, Ad Monetization, and more to your website.

Provided Features:

  • Official integration with Google Analytics
  • Official Share Counters and Share Buttons for Facebook, Pinterest, and more
  • Vector share buttons and follow buttons


  • Share counts recovery
  • 100% Customizable
  • Mobile-Optimized

Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare

Social Media Share Buttons


MashShare – The Social Media Share Buttons Ecosystem is a free Social Media Share Buttons Plugin on the list of WordPress Share Button Plugin today. It is professional, and highly customizable. There is no IP data or any other personal data that is sent to third parties or collected at all.

Provided Features:

  • High-Performance and easy to use Social Media Share Buttons
  • Shortcodes
  • Speed of Social Media Share Button Icons
  • Extensible with many Add-Ons


  • Shortcode option to disable share counts
  • Complete rewrite of CSS for easier modifications
  • Multi-language capable, *.po files

WordPress Social Share Buttons

Wordpress Social Share Buttons

Another one of the top list WordPress Share Button Plugins is WordPress Share Buttons. It allows you to easily set up and use social buttons on your home page, pages, and posts. This plugin supports all popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, VKontakte, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Whatsapp, Buffer, and more.

Provided Features:

  • Customize layout
  • Customizable Tweet options
  • Layout and Style options
  • Display share count and Total share count


  • Network editor
  • More Networks
  • Define Twitter Hashtags per post or pages

Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons


Social Share Icons &Amp; Social Share Buttons hare Icons & Social Share Buttons


And the last one is Social Share Icons & Social Share Buttons.
It allows you to add social share icons on your website with just a few clicks. This plugin also has been translated into various languages.

Provided Features:

  • Numerous social share platforms
  • 16 design styles for your social share buttons
  • Subscription service
  • Rearrange Order of social share icons


  • More social share buttons
  • Better sharing & following features
  • More functions for email icon to connect with you


To sum up, we just have already given you some recommendations about the collection of 15 Outstanding WordPress Share Button Plugins. Let’s boost your on-site engagement with the best-suited plugin. Besides, don’t forget to consult other themes at Free WordPress Themes and get the best one for your site appearance now. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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