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Shortcodes use

Only Pro versions. Pro versions of GalussoThemes themes have 4 types of shortcodes that allow you to insert complicated elements of your design with just a few lines of text in your entries and pages. The execution of shortcodes is disabled by default and you will have to enable them on Appearance > Customize > Shortcodes. You can also enable shortcodes in text widgets.

Button shortcodes

To create a button using shortcode just write the following code:

[galu_button icon='download' text='Download' color='green' link='#']


icon: can be [ login | logout | mail | buy | download | monitor | settings | document | monitor | user | support ].
color: can be [ blue (default) | green | orange | black | gray ].
text: the button text.
link: the url for the button link.


Message shortcodes

If in the case of the buttons the shortcode did not have a closing tag ([/galu_msg]), the rest of the short codes do have, included between the initial tag and the closing tag the contents.

To create a message just write the following code:

[galu_msg type='info']Info message text[/galu_msg]

  Info message text

type can be [ info (default) | ok | alert | error ].

The message can be with title, for which we will indicate the parameter title

[galu_msg type='error' title='Error']Message text[/galu_msg]

   ErrorMessage text


Tab shortcodes

The general structure for creating a tab panel is as follows:

[galu_tabs] // Container opening
[galu_tab title='Features'] // Tab opening
Features text
[/galu_tab][galu_tab title="FAQs"] // Tab closing and opening next: must be together.
FAQs text
[/galu_tab] // Tab closing
[/galu_tabs] // Container closing


Accordion shortcodes

[galu_accordion] // Container opening
[galu_accordion_sec title='Features'] // Section opening
Features text
[/galu_accordion_sec][galu_accordion_sec title="FAQs"] // Section closing and opening next
FAQs text
[/galu_accordion_sec] // Section closing
[/galu_accordion] // Container closing