Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Ethereum are digital forms of money that operate on a decentralized network called blockchain. Unlike traditional currencies controlled by governments, crypto operates independently, so nowadays people tend to cryptocurrencies to pay for their orders on e-commerce platforms. The rise of cryptocurrency has transformed the way people pay, it is a reason why you should integrate crypto payments into your Woocommerce store to catch up with this growing trend.

In this article, we will provide you with a collection of the best Coinbase Woocommerce Plugins that will help you enhance your online store’s user experience and unlock the power of crypto payments. Now, let’s check them out.

What is Coinbase Woocommerce Plugin?

A Coinbase WordPress Plugin is a specific tool that is designed to give your customers the flexibility to pay by using Bitcoin, Ethereum and other supported cryptocurrencies by Coinbase Commerce instead of cash. In other words, this tool makes the checkout process easier for crypto-savvy clients and broadens your potential customer base by meeting this payment trend.

After your customers make a payment, you will directly receive customers’ payments into your wallet. In addition, this tool provides your customers with real-time exchange rates, which ensure accurate cryptocurrency pricing during the checkout process. Additionally, this useful tool prioritizes the security of your customers. It employs robust security measures to protect your customer information and transaction data.

4 Best Coinbase Woocommerce Plugins To Accept Bitcoin Payment

Coinbase Commerce – Crypto Gateway for WooCommerce

Coinbase Woocommerce Plugin

Coinbase Commerce is a free Coinbase Woocommerce plugin that enables you to accept crypto payments on your Woocommerce store without effort. It accepts a wide range of common crypto currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI, Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), etc.

In addition, this plugin allows you to set a minimum amount for cryptocurrency transactions to ensure that each checkout will meet your desired threshold for seamless processing. To sum up, with the support of this plugin, you can streamline the payment process and enhance user experience effectively.

Main features:

  • Allow you to accept crypto payments on your Woocommerce store
  • Shows cryptocurrency icons with pricing uniquely on shop page/singple product page
  • Restrict products to only shop using cryptocurrency
  • Set minimum amount to checkout with cryptocurrency
  • Set custom order status
  • Redirects user back to website after transection

Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce

Coinbase Woocommerce Plugin 2

This premium WordPress Coinbase Plugin developed by Infinue allows your users to make a payment via 7 common cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dai, and USA Coin. By using this plugin, you are able to make secure and lightning-fast payments for your customers. It is also renowned for its user-friendly interface that helps you easily set up and use the power of cryptocurrency.

Main features:

  • Display prices in cryptocurrency
  • Links to payment TX and invoice
  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Display currency in front of each order
  • Support detailed order notes
  • Supports 7 prevalent cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Commerce Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Coinbase Woocommerce Plugin 1

Coinbase Commerce is considered the top-notch Coinbase Woocommerce plugin on the internet. After integrating this plugin with your Woocommerce platform, you can accept your first payment without having any difficulty. It permits you to accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Another outstanding feature is that it has the ability to convert your customer’s selected currency to USDC.

Further, it lets your customers connect their wallets and pay in their preferred currency. This plugin will share payment information directly with their wallet without the need to enter data manually.

Main features:

  • Allow you to accept cryptocurrencies within a few minutes
  • Automatically converts your client’s chosen currency to USDC
  • Receive funds directly in your wallet
  • There are no chargebacks to manage

ABC Crypto Checkout

Coinbase Woocommerce Plugin 4

ABC Crypto Checkout is also the ultimate coinbase solution for those who want to receive clients’ payments directly to their cryptocurrency wallet without the need for an intermediary account. It lets you accept different types of cryptocurrency payments such as USDT TRC20, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ERC20, and Binance Pay via the Woocommerce platform.

In addition, this plugin assists you in converting any Fiat currency to popular cryptocurrencies like USDT, ETH, BTC, and so on in real time. By using this plugin, you can provide a swift and secure payment experience for users and the most accurate and up-to-date transaction values.

Main features:

  • Support Binance Pay, USDT TRC20, BTC, ETH ERC20 payment
  • Support 169+ fiat currencies including USD, CAD, GBP, EUR
  • No bank account or personal identification is required.
  • No KYC on withdrawal for free account
  • Easy signup, registration and API key integration

The final thoughts

To sum up, using the best Coinbase Woocommerce plugin is a great way to create an efficient, secure environment for cryptocurrency transactions on your Woocommerce store and enhance the payment experience for your customers. We hope that you can find the best Coinbase Woocommerce plugin solution from your collection. If you are interested in any plugin, don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment below.

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