These days, website analytics and user engagement play a crucial role in measuring the success of your website. Especially, tracking the number of views for your WordPress blog posts can provide valuable insights into your content’s popularity and help you refine your marketing and content strategy. In addition, you can discover what topics are most popular with your audience and which ones need more attention by displaying the amount of views on each article. However, how to display the total view on your WordPress Post/Page? In this blog, we will provide you with a collection of 7 free Post View Counter WordPress for your website. Let’s check them out and choose your best one.

Why should you display the total views on a WordPress post/page?

There is no denying that displaying the total views on a WordPress post/page/custom post type brings your website a wide range of significant benefits. Initially, total views are a visual measure of how popular a post is, so displaying the total views will encourage users to engage with content that others have found interesting or valuable. Moreover, this method provides a quick and easy way to assess the success of different posts. Thanks to that, content creators can easily compare view counts and identify what resonates most with their audience.

Another remarkable benefit is that understanding total views allows website owners to gauge their audience’s general interest and preferences. From that, they will provide the right content that meets the expectations and needs of the target audience. Last but not least, total views help to determine a post’s perceived popularity, which might influence its search engine ranking. Increased exposure in search results can result in more organic visitors.

7 Best WordPress Post View Counter Plugins

Post Views Counter

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin

Post View Counter is a great WordPress Post View Counter Plugin that you should use for your website. It enables you to showcase the number of times a post, page, or custom post type has been viewed. With its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality, this plugin offers a straightforward and hassle-free approach to monitoring post views.

Additionally, this allows you to track the popularity and engagement levels of your content effortlessly. From that, you can have accurate content optimization strategies for your website. Hence, if you are a blogger, business owner or content creator, let’s use this comprehensive solution for managing and displaying post views on your WordPress site.

Main features:

  • 3 methods of collecting post views data
  • Option to select post types for which post views will be counted and displayed
  • Compatible with data privacy regulations
  • Possibility to manually set views count for each post
  • Dashboard post views stats widget
  • Capability to query posts according to its views count
  • Option to set counts interval
  • Excluding counts from visitors
  • Excluding users by IPs
  • Restricting display by user roles
  • Restricting post views editing to admins

Advanced Page Visit Counter

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin 1

Advanced Page Visit Counter is considered one of the most famous post-view counter plugins for WordPress. This plugin allows you to track page visits and user interactions and monitor your website’s performance and engagement. Besides that, this plugin provides comprehensive data on the success of your online store, including product impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Another great feature is that this plugin delivers detailed information on the success of your online business, such as product impressions, clicks, and conversions. Furthermore, it provides thorough statistics and visualizations to assist you in interpreting and acting on your website’s metrics.

Main features:

  • Provides real-time tracking of page visits and user interactions
  • Offers comprehensive insights into your online store’s performance
  • Provide detailed reports and visualizations
  • Allows you to configure various tracking parameters
  • Respects user privacy and offers advanced privacy settings
  • Allow for a hassle-free installation and setup process

Wp Post Views

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin 2

If you want to count the view of your built-in post type and custom post type, then WP Post Views is a perfect solution for your website. This exceptional tool empowers website owners and administrators to enhance their understanding of their content’s reach and engagement. In addition, there is an option that allows you to filter views based on the IP address to get an accurate post count. A good point is that it is extremely easy to use and set up, so you don’t need to have technical knowledge. Thanks to that, you easily monitor the visibility and popularity of posts.

Main features:

  • Simple, and easy to understand
  • Option to filter views on IP address to get accurate post count
  • Option to select the custom post type

Post Views Stats Counter

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin 3

Post Views Stats Counter stands out as an excellent post view counter plugin for WordPress, helping you track and analyze posts and page views. This straightforward and user-friendly analytics tool provides a comprehensive overview of a website’s performance, presenting total views daily, weekly, monthly, and overall. Moreover, the plugin not only showcases the numerical data but also intelligently pairs it with post titles and permalinks, enabling readers to easily identify the most popular content.

Especially, it gives you the ability to exclude admin users and login users, as well as filter out bots and user agents, ensuring that the displayed analytics truly reflect genuine user engagement. With a focus on accuracy, customization, and user convenience, Post Views Stats Counter is definitely a valuable tool for content creators who want to gain insights into their audience reach.

Main features:

  • Display how many times post and page viewed
  • View total access per day, week, month, and all days
  • Show titles and permalinks as well
  • Change view order by date and title
  • You can ignore bots and UserAgents
  • Exclude admin user and login users
  • “Most Popular articles” section can be added on to your widget

Simple Post Views Count

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin 4

Simple Post Views Count is a user-friendly solution for website owners who are looking for a straightforward and efficient post view counter. This tool not only allows you to track and display the total views of each post. The Simple Post Views Count plugin’s unobtrusiveness is a major feature, allowing website owners to simply measure the performance of their content without overwhelming information. Further, it provides you with realistic information about your posts and website.

Main features:

  • View your websites and pages daily, and “view your posts”
  • Offer comprehensive statistics

Page Visits Counter – Lite

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin 5

This Page Visits Counter – Lite is developed by Denis Botic, providing an insightful supplement to track actual visits to your website pages. Notably, Page Visits Counter – Lite stands out for its versatility in displaying visit counts. It offers a convenient admin dashboard feature, providing a quick snapshot of page visits. For those seeking a discreet approach, the plugin introduces hidden counters accessible through browser developer tools/console tabs. There is an option that allows you to incorporate counters on your website’s front end and display total pages or website visits.

Main features:

  • Display counter on a website front-end
  • Count the total view of pages/posts/default category and tag/taxonomy archive pages
  • Allow you to remain intact in the page visits report including its number of visits
  • Offer two counter types: website counter and page counter
  • Compatible with Woocommerce

WP Views Counter

Wordpress Post View Counter Plugin 6

By using this WP Views Counter, you can know how many views every post/page/custom post type has. It gives you different types of counters, you can choose a suitable one in the plugin’s settings. Exceptionally, this plugin is compatible with “Easy Digital Downs Product”, which helps you to see how many views have every download.

Main features:

  • Widget with list of most popular posts (types)
  • Configurable visit counter by Custom Post Types
  • Allow to “Order By Visits” on all selected Post (types) lists
  • Compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Allow to import meta-fields from other counters
  • Multilanguage Ready


With the support of the WordPress Post View Counter Plugin, you can easily track and showcase the total view of your post/page daily/weekly/monthly. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these post-view counter plugins remain essential for making informed decisions, optimizing content strategy, and enhancing the overall user experience on WordPress websites. Hopefully, you can choose a suitable plugin that contributes significantly to the success of your website.

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