Nowadays, with the rapid development of information and technology, there are numerous ways to help you store the database/ files of a website as well as develop it. You can use the cheap USA VPS to simplify your hosting or Toronto Canada VPS with full root access on Linux & Windows based operating systems. Besides that, if you are building a WordPress website and want to get a tool with a cloud storage function, you can also accomplish your objective with a WordPress Cloud Storage Plugin. Today, we would like to introduce to you the collection of great WordPress Cloud Storage Plugins. Let’s check out now.

The advantages of using the WordPress Cloud Storage Plugin

Firstly, this plugin assists you to upload and supply any type of media which is from your Google Cloud Storage. Secondly, with the support of this plugin, you can divide your site into different servers without paralleling media files. This tool always helps you to copy videos, documents, photos, and many other types of media to Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Amazon S3, etc. With many benefits that we have just mentioned. Let’s check the listing below.

Top Best WordPress Cloud Storage Plugins

WP-Stateless – Google Cloud Storage


The first plugin we want to suggest for you is WP-Stateless. Above all, it helps you upload as well as supply any type of media which is from your Google Cloud Storage. After that, you can get the benefit from Google Cloud’s distributed servers very quickly just a few minutes. Further, it allows you to divide your site through multiple serves without paralleling media files.

Provided features:

  • Mask the default GCS URL
  • Hardcoded media URLs
  • GCS equivalents in the post editor and meta
  • Setup assistant makes getting started fast and easy.
  • Batch image thumbnail regeneration
  • Synchronization tools for uploading existing files and images
  • WP-config constants and network setting override
  • Multiple modes: Backup, CDN, Stateless
  • All files served in HTTPS mode
  • Multisite compatible


  • Very easy to configure
  • Awesome plugin
  • Simple and fast

Cool Tag Cloud

Cool Tag Cloud

Secondly, why don’t you trying Cool Tag Cloud? That is to say, this WordPress Cloud Storage Plugin gives you an ability to render a tag cloud through a tagged photo. Besdies, it is very compatible and it can render in any types of browsers. Moreover, It is very user-friendly and you can use it with simple shortcodes.

Provided features:

  • “Cool Tag Cloud” widget
  • Renders a tag cloud
  • Shortcode [cool_tag_cloud]
  • Render in all browsers


  • Easy and efficient
  • Beautiful and simple
  • Top-notch

WP Offload Media Lite for Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage

Wp Offload Media Lite

The third suggestion for you in this collection is WP Offload Media Lite. Above all, it can help you copy videos, documents, photos as well as many other types of media to Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Amazon S3, etc. In addition, you are able to upload files to any types of media in a direct way.

Provided features:

  • Upload existing Media Library
  • Control offloaded files
  • Assets Pull addon
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Easy Digital Downloads integration
  • PriorityExpert™ email support


  • Well organized
  • Supplemental
  • Works beautifully

Cloudinary – Image management and manipulation in the cloud + CDN


Fourthly, we trust that you shouldn’t miss this plugin. In other words, you can upload, optimize, back-up as well as normalize your photos in cloud storage. In addition, with the help of it, you can prevent messing around from photo editors. Further, it lets you control and enhace your photos just by using a possible filter.

Provided features:

  • Image formats
  • Apply effects & filters
  • Overlays & Text
  • Shape alteration
  • Resize & crop
  • PDF Processing
  • Face detection
  • Rotates & flips


  • Fantastic
  • Useful service
  • Very Slick

Media Cloud for Amazon S3, Imgix, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces and more

Media Cloud

The fifth Google Cloud Storage WordPress Plugin is Media Cloud. Likewise these plugins above, it supports you to supercharge your site performance and allows you to change the way that you can work with Media in the WordPress site. Besides, you can exchange the photos, files as well as many other different types of media from your WordPress site into online cloud storage.

Provided features:

  • Use Google Cloud Vision
  • Image size manager
  • Network level multisite support
  • Advanced image editing
  • Automatically tag and categorize with amazon recognition
  • Native support for Google Cloud Storage
  • Integrate with IMGIX


  • Brilliant plugin
  • Works perfectly
  • Works like a charm

EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud

Ewww Image Optimizer Cloud

The next plugin we would like to provide you is EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud. Above all, it boost the speed of your page by optimizing the photos and enhance your conversion rates as well. Besides, you can save a great amount of the space of your storage and bandwidth. Moreover, you can also have the ability to select the options of high compression and pixel perfect compression.

Provided features:

  • High Torque
  • Adaptive Steering
  • Pack a Spare
  • Metered Parking
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • No Speed Limits
  • Safety First


  • Amazing plugin
  • Brilliant support
  • Excellent

Print Google Cloud Print Gcp Woocommerce

Another choice you should consider to you is Print Google Cloud Print GCP WooCommerce. That is to say, it helps you to insert great support for Printing WooCommerce Orders. Besides that, you can link the Google Cloud Print API Account with printing WooCommerce orders in either manual way or automatical way.

Provided features:

  • Support Unlimited Google Cloud Printer Locations
  • Assign Printers to Select WordPress User Roles
  • Supports Standard Printers Letter/A4
  • Thermal Receipt Printers
  • Automatically or Manually Print WooCommerce Orders
  • Supports a Customer Receipt Template
  • Order Receipt Template hiding Pricing and Customer Details


  • Very nice plugin
  • Works like a magic
  • Excellent support

Ultimate Media On The Cloud Lite

Ultimate Media On The Cloud Lite is another plugin we want to discuss. Above all, it can help you control, delete and migrate your media in cloud storage platforms easily such as Google Cloud, Amazon S3 and so on. In addition, thanks to it, you can optimize bandwidth as well as hosting space as well as boost the delivery process.

Provided features:

  • Enable / Disable cloud storage for specifying users
  • Inline Creating Buckets
  • Support Migration between Host and Clouds, Cloud and Cloud
  • Unlimited Cloud Accounts
  • Post types filter, no limitation on post types setting
  • Bucket CORS configuration
  • Support cloud encryption, CloudFront and CDN

Categorized Tag Cloud

Categorized Tag Cloud

Finally, Categorized Tag Cloud is a powerful WordPress Cloud Storage Plugin assisting you to generate a cloud in a sidebar widget that can include a lot of tags such as tag colors or tag hover color. Further, it’s totally free of charge and you can set up and install it easily.

Provided features:

  • Tag colors
  • Tag hover color
  • Category filters
  • Number of tags shown
  • Smallest and biggest font size


To conclude, we are pleased to recommend to you the list of powerful WordPress Cloud Storage Plugins. Hence, we hope that you can easily and smoothly choose the best one for your site. Do you have any questions related to this topic? Please leave your comment below so that we can reply to you. What’s more? Don’t forget to have a look at our responsive and eye-catching Free WordPress Themes.

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