Displaying a set of clients’ logos in a row with the support of WordPress Gutenberg Logo!

The following remarkable factors that help you easily choose the right plugin for your site:

  • It is compatible with Gutenberg Page Builder
  • This plugin is easy to use and doesn’t require writing any single line of coding
  • Allow you to showcase a lot of customers’ logos, brands in a professional way
  • Enable you to adjust the size, color, width and much more with many useful options

Let’s consider a collection of useful plugins below before making a decision.

GS Logo Slider

Gs Logo Slider

GS Logo Slider contains a lot of powerful features that you are looking for a useful plugin. Because it lets you generate a custom post type. As a result, you have the ability to add a client’s logos carousel and then showcase them to different areas on your site. Moreover, you can change the size, color, and other objects of the logos to suit your theme design. Furthermore, it is a lightweight and fast plugin, so it doesn’t let your site slow down.



CoBocks is one of the useful products developed by Godaddy.com. This plugin offers a collection of creative blocks such as Gif Block, Github Gist Block, Hero Block, Post Carousel Block, and much more. One of the remarkable blocks that are suitable for today’s topic is Logos and Badges Blocks, this function allows you to display a gallery of clients’ logos in a professional way. In addition, it is highly customized, so you can easily edit the space, background color to match your website.

Editor Blocks for Gutenberg

Editor Blocks For Gutenberg

The following WordPress Gutenberg Logo plugin will not you be disappointed is Editor Blocks for Gutenberg. It is packed with plenty of high-quality blocks such as pricing table block, team member block, callout block, and much more. Additionally, it lets you use the Brand block to add a list of clients’ logos and then present them in a row. Moreover, it is easy for you to change a number of brands as well as the order.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

Wp Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider allows you to display different types of logos such as logo slider, logo gallery, logo carousel, and ticker. Therefore, you can optionally choose various styles to showcase many logos of your clients, sponsors, business partners, affiliates, supporters, brands logos in a professional style. Another good thing is that you are able to adjust the number of columns to show and change the color, size, and much more by using plenty of useful options.

Easy Blocks

Easy Blocks

Easy Blocks is also the last useful plugin in today’s collection. However, it is completely useful for your site. You can utilize a Logo slider block to present a wide range of customer’s brands in a row with multiple provided styles. Besides, if you want to write a title or description for each logo, this plugin totally allows you to do that. Additionally, it offers you other worthwhile blocks such as row and columns lock, alert and notification, call to action, and much more

Wordpress Gutenberg Logo 5

Logo Carousel is a visually appealing and functional WordPress Gutenberg Logo plugin. You may use this plugin to show a group of logo pictures in a professional manner using a Shortcode Generator. Furthermore, you may easily manage and exhibit the logo images in any WordPress website. This plugin, in particular, has the ability to display the logo in a popup or external custom link along with the needed logo information such as Logo, Title, Description, and much more.

WE Blocks


We Blocks offers a variety of slider blocks, including a posts slider, an image slider, a testimonials slider, and a client logo slider block. This means you can upload a lot of logos and have them shown as a slider. You can also customize the amount of logos that appear in the slider.

Sum up

We have just tried to collect all the best WordPress Gutenberg Logo Plugin in 2021. Expectantly, you can consider thoughtfully and make the right decision for your site. If you have any queries or need our support, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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