In modern life, more and more people have a tendency to take online orders and make payments. For this reason, we have hand-picked a List of 8 Incredible WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block In 2021 for restaurants to attract their potential customers. Check it out!

What are the benefits of WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block?

Using WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block will help your business capture customers’ attention and promote sales significantly. It is because WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block allows you to create your own unique and logical menu with well-organized layouts and categories. So, your clients can navigate to another page/post easily. Plus, WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block lays a foundation in which you can manage online food ordering menus and reservation systems effectively.

Top 8 Useful WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block

Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu-Wordpress Gutenberg Menu Block

First and foremost, Five Star Restaurant Menu is one of the leading WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block in the current market. It integrates with Gutenberg, which not only supports you to create stunning menus to display your food items but also extends the possibility of your site effectively. With a wide range of pre-designed layouts and customizations options, you can modify your fantasy menus and show off them on your WordPress site without any difficulties.

Food Menu

Food Menu

Secondly, we would like to suggest Food Menu as the next WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block for your restaurant brands. By utilizing this plugin, you can organize and present your menus according to food categories and items. In addition, it also allows you to customize many elements of your menus such as images, links, and many more in your own way. Last but not least, Food Menu enables you to showcase your menu on any place in your pages/ posts/ sites thanks to the assistance of HTML5, CSS3, and shortcodes

Groovy Menu Plugin

Groovy Menu Plugin

In third place, Groovy Menu will meet any requirements to help you develop your online food delivery service. With the support of this tool, you can create a variety of kinds of menus like mega, toolbar, submenus, and much more in some minutes. Also, Groovy Menu will offer you chances to modify its colors, fonts, sizes, and other factors to make it fit with your site style.

Menu In Post

Menu In Post

Another must-have WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block in this article is Menu In Posts. This theme assists you to display menus wherever on your WordPress sites from posts, pages to shortcode widgets easily. On top of that, you can change the look and feel of menus added by shortcode from just one place. And, you are also able to customize both order and depth-level of submenus in some simple steps.

Responsive Sliding Menu


Responsive Sliding Menu

Responsive Sliding Menu is the perfect combination between Gutenberg compatibility and sliding menus. By installing this plugin, you are able to change the layout of the Responsive Sliding Menu by adjusting its colors, fonts sizes, icons, and much more. This WordPress Plugin also integrates with Elementor and other popular plugins. Through the support of the Elementor Widget RSM Menu, you can show or hide the Responsive Sliding Menu simply.

Easy restaurant menu upload

Easy Restaurant Menu Upload

The next WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block that is worth mentioning is Easy restaurant menu upload. One of the most highlighted features of this theme is that you can take full control over online food menus. On the ground of that, you can strictly keep track of the delivery process. Furthermore, you can choose from upload menus as PDF or another file. In addition, showcasing your menus anywhere that is attractive and convenient for your customers to gain more their satisfaction via the shortcode and Gutenberg support.



Furthermore, you should not overlook at myStickymenu due to its following benefits. Initially, this plugin will make it easier for you to generate and organize your menus in a smart way. In the light of that, your customers can observe and find out what they want at ease. In addition, you are no longer worried about anything because this tool will help you add menus to your site without modifying any available structure of your site.



The last WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block in this collection is WP Cafe. It is totally suitable for online food ordering, pickup, and all restaurant reservation systems. By using WP Cafe, you obtain chances to create a wide range of responsive and fashion menus without any restrictions. With more than 10 Food Menu Styles, you can save much time for designing your own menus. Besides, this plugin is compatible with not only Gutenberg but also Elementor and shortcode.

Wrap up

In conclusion, have you picked the best suitable WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block for your site yet? We hope this list is beneficial for you and your site. If you have any question, let’s us know via the box below.

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