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The necessity of using Woocommerce Private Store Plugins for your website

Using WooCommerce Private Store plugins for your website can be highly advantageous depending on your business model and target audience. These plugins offer restricted access, allowing you to create an exclusive shopping experience for specific customers or groups. Whether you run a membership-based business, a wholesale operation, or deal with sensitive or limited products, private store plugins give you control over who can access your online store and what they can see and purchase.

Additionally, they enable you to offer pre-launch or invitation-only sales, fostering a sense of exclusivity and generating excitement around your brand. By implementing a private store, you can provide personalized experiences, offer specialized pricing, and maintain confidentiality for your products or services.

Now, let’s consider the unique needs of your business to determine which Woocommerce Private Store is beneficial for your website.

List of best Free and Pro Woocommerce Private Store Plugins

B2BKing-Private Store for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin

BBKing-Private Store for WooCommerce is a great solution for businesses looking for a private store plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin offers over 137 features and functionalities for B2B and wholesale stores, from hiding prices for guest users to complex features such as tiered pricing structures, custom billing fields, an invoice payment gateway, and negotiated price offers. With B2BKing, businesses can create a store that is accessible only to registered users and hide prices for logged-out users or hide the entire store completely.

Moreover, the plugin also allows businesses to set up personalized offers, wholesale bulk order forms, and purchase lists that B2B buyers can easily use to reorder or replenish stock. Additionally, businesses can set up different discounts, minimum order thresholds, or free shipping requirements for different user groups.

Main features:

  • Hide prices for guest users
  • Show a message such as “login to view prices” instead of price.
  • Hide “add to cart” button and prevent checkout
  • Customize message shown to users
  • Force users to log in to view content

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin: Shop for Registered Users Only

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 3

The next great Woocommerce private store plugin that you should use is Woocommerce private store by Addify. This plugin is specially designed to help store owners who want to offer exclusive access to their products for registered customers only. After installing the plugin, you can restrict access to your store’s products, categories, pages, and more. Additionally, all your customers will be required to register on your store to gain access to the private products on your website.

Further, you also have the ability to control the registration process, which means you can approve new user requests manually or disable the need to log in altogether for specific users. Besides that, the plugin also offers options to notify customers when there are changes in their account capabilities and create a private area accessible only to specific users.

Main features:

  • Force users to log in to view content
  • Privatize the whole store, whole WordPress site or specific products, categories & pages
  • Enable / Disable new user registrations
  • Option to auto or manually approve new users registrations
  • Email notifications for admin and customers
  • Customize form opacity and show a background image or video on the Login Page
  • Upload or embed video from YouTube
  • After login, redirect user to the same page or another link
  • Allow/Disallow Google to crawl and rank your private pages

Build Private Store For Woocommerce

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 1

As its name suggests, this plugin is built to help you create private access to preferred customers. Your guest customers will be requested to register in your store before being able to view your private products.

Further, you are able to apply these settings across your entire site or only to specific categories, tags, or pages.

Main features:

  • Private Products And Private Page
  • Customize Login Title, Register Title
  • Manually approve new customers registration
  • Account Approve Email, Account Reject Email
  • Login To price Show
  • Custom Text Add Login With Color customized
  • Disable user login access
  • Guest users won’t be able to view the protected area
  • Restrict access to your store products for guest users
  • Restrict content and product access only to members
  • Enable/Disable Approve Email
  • Enable/Disable Reject Email

YITH WooCommerce Membership

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 6

If you want to streamline the management of restricted-access products and services on your e-commerce store, then YITH WooCommerce Membership is the perfect plugin for you. With this tool, you can create unlimited membership plans with different permission rules, allowing you to offer exclusive content to your loyal users. You can automatically set users as members of a specific plan when they register. Additionally, it allows you to create private shops where only registered customers are able to view the products.

What’s more, you can even use the Gutenberg block to easily set where the “Members-only” content starts. Plus, you can protect your files in the easiest way and allow only members to download digital products like e-books, PDF files, audio and video files, and more. To sum up, by using this plugin, you can optimize your e-commerce and increase your sales.

Main features:

  • Create unlimited plans with different permission rules
  • Automatically set users as members of a specific plan when they register
  • Make the shop and products accessible to members only
  • Hide pages and posts to non-members
  • Show limited content and push users to sign up to see the full content
  • Allow access or file downloads

Private Store for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 4

Don’t ignore this significant Woocommerce private store plugin if you are going to create an online website accessible only to specified members. The plugin allows store owners to keep the store hidden from public view and to give access to registered customers or customers with a password. Besides that, it enables you to customize who has access to specific pages, products, and categories.

Moreover, this plugin provides you with great control to store owners and allows them how they want to control the registration process and access to the store. The plugin completely integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce platform, making it an essential tool for online stores looking to create a secure and private shopping experience.

Main features:

  • Tags and pages are private for guests from specific countries
  • Stop the robots from crawling private posts
  • Give guests access to your entire website
  • Approving new customers manually
  • Login access is disabled for the user
  • To view WooCommerce products, categories, tags, and pages, guests must log in or register


Woocommerce Private Store Plugin 5

The Republic plugin is an amazing solution for websites looking to create a private membership club where users can access exclusive content. With the support of this plugin, you can create a member-only store where you can restrict access to your products for non-members. The plugin allows you to create different membership levels and content access options for specific users or user roles

You can also choose which products, posts, or pages are available to members and which ones are not. Furthermore, it comes with various customization options that enable you to make your store stand out and align with your branding. Besides that, this plugin is simple to set up, use, and manage, so it is an excellent choice for businesses looking to create an exclusive element for their online store.

Main features:

  • Create a private WooCommerce store
  • Restrict access by user role, password, or logged-in status
  • Create different levels of access through user roles
  • Control which content users can see
  • Protect posts, products, categories, or the entire site
  • Create different membership tiers
  • Allow different user roles and different levels of access
  • Show or hide product prices from members

The bottom line

To sum up, each plugin comes with different features and functionalities, so it’s important to consider your specific needs and business model. Hopefully, with the right WooCommerce private store plugin, you can offer your customers a secure and personalized shopping experience. If you know another high-quality Woocommerce private store plugin, don’t forget to mention it in the comment below.

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