Have you tried building your Shopify store’s webpage from scratch and found it to be a daunting task? Well, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are various page builder apps for Shopify available in the market that can make the process much more manageable. From drag-and-drop interfaces to customizable templates, these page builders can help you create an engaging and functional website for your business. In this post, we’ve collected a list of the best page builder apps for Shopify so you can easily find the one that fits your needs and preferences. So, let’s dive in!

Why do you need to use page builder apps for Shopify?

Using a page builder app for Shopify will help you simplify the process of building a professional online website from scratch. You won’t need any coding or design skills to create an eye-catching page because of its ease of use. All you need to do is drag and drop elements to build landing pages, product pages, blog posts and more. In addition, page builders offer a wide range of pre-made templates and elements that allow you to personalize your store according to your industry and target audience. Further, these tools give you the ability to customize styles for desktop and mobile devices to ensure your pages look attractive on any screen size. To sum up, purchasing a page builder for your Shopify store gives you the freedom to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that can drive conversions and boost your online business.

For those reasons, in this blog, we will bring you a collection of 8 high-quality Shopify drag-and-drop page builder apps. Let’s consider and choose your favourite apps.

List of best Page Builder Apps for Shopify


Page Builder Apps For Shopify

LayoutHub is a great page builder app for Shopify that offers plenty of powerful features to help you easily get a professional online store. It provides a gallery of attractive templates to help beginners get started quickly and easily. With LayoutHub, you can create beautiful, mobile-friendly pages that are customized to your specific needs. The app has a large template library with great designs that you can import onto your page. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box website that looks great, LayoutHub is a good option.

It is important to note that the options for customization in these templates are limited compared to other Shopify page builder apps. Nevertheless, LayoutHub is reasonably priced and offers a PRO plan with all the main features you need to build stunning web pages.

Remarkable features:

  • Support tons of beautiful design styles
  • High-speed page
  • SEO optimization
  • Suit for all types of Shopify themes and applications.
  • Being able to adapt and function properly on any type of device.
  • 30 to 50 new layouts updated per month

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Basic: $14.99/month
  • Pro: $29.99/month
  • Premium: $59.99/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 2

If you’re looking for a free Shopify page builder that comes with a more technical solution and focuses on optimization, Zipify is worth considering. While it may not be as widely used as some other options, Zipify provides store owners with the ability to make precise changes to their pages and offers an “ever-growing” template library to choose from.

After installing Zipify, you have control over minor details such as breadcrumb navigation and the ability to add features like countdown timers and “buy boxes” that compare product bundles and highlight the best offers on your store. Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage that Zipify is one of the more expensive Shopify page builder apps available. But if you’re willing to invest in a high-powered tool to create high-converting pages, Zipify may be the right choice for your business.

Remarkable features:

  • Support any type of pages
  • Offer many useful marketing tools
  • New templates are added regularly
  • Improve SEO
  • Mobile friendly
  • Live chat support is included in the Plus plan

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Basic: $66/month
  • Advanced: $138/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 8

Why don’t you use this Automizely Page Builder for Shopify? This app is specially designed to assist you to enhance the appearance and functionality of your online store. This powerful and simple Shopify page editor offers all the features you need to build and customize your store. Whether you want to create pages from scratch or customize pre-made templates, Automizely Page Builder makes it easy with its user-friendly interface.

In addition, Automizely is suitable for people who don’t have coding or technical expertise. You can take advantage of pre-defined templates designed by UX/UI experts to create landing pages, product pages within a few minutes. Moreover, it allows you to track key page metrics and enjoy advanced style settings without paying a dime.

Remarkable features:

  • Allow you to create all types of pages
  • Offer hundreds of pre-defined templates designed by UX/UI experts
  • Plenty of useful customization options
  • Customize the landing pages with advanced text, colour, and font functionalities
  • Allows you to showcase attractive product recommendations on pages
  • Analytics dashboard to track key page metrics

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Essentials: $35/month
  • Pro: $95/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 4

Ecomposer Page Builder is a perfect choice for merchants to create an attractive page. Since it is packed with a live drag-and-drop page build that helps you easily create any type of page and section but doesn’t need to have coding knowledge. Additionally, it comes with a rich library of elements, beautiful templates and useful options. Thanks to that, you can save much more and focus on doing other tasks on your online store.

Besides, there are many integrations with third-party apps that help you boost sales effectively. Last but not least, their live chat support is extremely enthusiastic, they are willing to support you anytime.

Remarkable features:

  • Allow you to build any type or section
  • Live drag and drop page builder is easy to use
  • A vast of pre-built templates
  • A lot of useful built-in add-ons
  • Tons of advanced features such as Page Analytics, Global Blocks, AI Content Generator

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Standard: $19/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Premium: $149/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 5

Another amazing page builder that we highly recommend is GemPages. This page builder has received thousands of positive reviews for its high-quality performance. It is designed for both beginners and experienced designers. By using this page builder, you are able to build, design and optimize your Shopify store pages without touching any line of code. Besides, there is a wide range of stunning pre-made templates that are designed for different industries.

Additionally, GemPage is not only user-friendly and visually appealing but also provides you with tons of useful integrations with other Shopify Apps. This allows users to enhance the functionality of their pages and create a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Remarkable features:

  • User-friendly interface for customization
  • Optimize pages for SEO & marketing
  • 50+ pre-made templates designed for every industry need
  • Integrations with 30+ third-party apps

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Build:$29/month
  • Optimize: $59/month
  • Enterprise: $199/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 6

PageFly is regarded as the best page builder app for Shopify because of its user-friendly interface and extensive library of page elements. With the assistance of PageFly, you are able to create and customize stunning and high-converting store pages without any coding knowledge required. Furthermore, PageFly is fully compatible with other popular Shopify apps, such as Oberlo and Mailchimp, providing users with even more customization options.

Another benefit is that PageFly provides you with comprehensive customer support through a help center, 24/7 live chat and a YouTube support channel. Its impressive 4.9-star rating and thousands of positive user reviews make it a top choice for designing beautiful and functional Shopify store pages.

Remarkable features:

  • A collection of beautiful pre-made templates
  • Create all page types with ease
  • Build storefront in bulk or single page
  • Use HTML/Liquid, Javascript, and CSS editors to make custom styling
  • Different content display types
  • Fully compatible with Shopify and Online Store 2.0
  • 24/7 Support

Pricing price:

  • Free
  • Pay as you go: $24/month/10slots – $89/month/100slots
  • Enterprise: $199/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 7

Shogun is a highly acclaimed drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify that allows users to create stunning and high-converting store pages with ease. This app has recorded over 3,108 excellent reviews on the Shopify App Store, which make it become a trusted and loved solution for many users. Additionally, it comes with a collection of useful customization options and beautiful templates that help you effortlessly create unique and personalized designs.

Moreover, Shogun offers excellent customer support, with a responsive team that is always ready to assist users and provide timely solutions. In terms of pricing, Shogun offers various plans to cater to different needs and budgets, so you can choose your affordable plan to get started.

Remarkable features:

  • Full website elements library
  • Provide you with over 30+ templates
  • Develop custom elements using HTML/Liquid, CSS, JavaScript
  • Include image compression and lazy loading tools
  • Offer a lot of helpful marketing tools
  • Enthusiastic support

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Build: $39/month
  • Measure: $149/month
  • Advanced: $499/month


Page Builder Apps For Shopify 9

If you’re a Shopify store owner looking to stand out in the competitive online trading market, then you should consider using the Hypervisual Page Builder app. With its responsive feature, your products will be more outstanding and attractive to potential buyers. The app offers dozens of beautiful templates that let you create a charming and extraordinary website.

Additionally, Hypervisual Page Builder allows you to easily customize HTML code for each product and landing page, giving you complete control over the appearance of your site. Especially, it helps you boost your sales and conversion rate by adding SEO-friendly content that is indexed by Google. You can also collect customer emails through MailChimp and create snappy, scannable snippets of text to display information beautifully.

Remarkable features:

  • Embed add to cart forms for products or entire collections
  • SEO-friendly
  • Built-in email opt-in forms
  • Include Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration
  • No Hypervisual branding

Pricing plans:

  • Merchant: $9.95/month
  • Pro: $24/month
  • Ultimate: $49/month

The bottom line

To sum up, all page builder apps that we mentioned above, offer a range of powerful features and useful customization options. If you find it difficult to choose the best page builder app Shopify, you can consider the pricing plans of each app to make the right decision. If you know another high-quality page builder app, let’s suggest it in the comment below.

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