Woocommerce Quantity Plugin is considered one of the most effective tools to improve your visitors’ experience on your site. For this reason, we offer top best plugins to help you enhance your store productivity.

Why should you use Woocommerce Quantity Plugins?

If you are having trouble with setting up your item quantity, this post will be really useful for you. In today’s collection, we will mention the list of great Woocommerce quantity plugin that is a powerful tool to resolve your work without effort. In addition, it helps in enhancing profitability and strengthening operational efficiency for your eCommerce store. Let’s take a look!

Top Nice Woocommerce Quantity Plugin

WooCommerce Quantity Manager

Woocommerce Quantity Manager Plugin

Barn2’s Quantity Manager plugin has been designed to be the ultimate WooCommerce quantity plugin. It provides easy, user-friendly ways to add any type of quantity rule to WooCommerce.

Some WooCommerce min/max quantity plugins make it difficult for the customer to add the correct quantity to the cart. WooCommerce Quantity Manager is different because where possible, it prevents customers from adding an incorrect quantity in the first place. This helps to avoid disappointment later. For category or order-level rules which can only be validated on the cart page, the plugin displays helpful error notices telling the customer exactly what changes they need to make in order to complete their purchase. This is much more user-friendly than just telling them there is a problem

This WooCommerce quantity plugin is popular for a wide range of uses cases. For example, restaurants use it to sell meal deals where the customer has to select the correct number of dishes from each category. Businesses use it to set a minimum quantity and make sure that every order is profitable. WooCommerce wholesale stores use it to sell products in certain quantity groupings that fit with their warehousing and delivery processes.


  • Minimum and maximum quantity rules
  • Min/max spend value rules
  • Quantity step values and increments
  • Change the WooCommerce default quantity
  • Set quantity rules at a global, category, product or variation level
  • Intelligent logic ensures the correct quantity rule is always used
  • Choose which user roles the quantity rules apply to (e.g. wholesale only)
  • Positively worded error messages support customers to add the correct quantity


  • Developed by top UK company Barn2 Plugins
  • Easy for beginners to use, while also being developer-friendly
  • Detailed documentation, video tutorials and expert support
  • Try it free for 14 days

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

Wpc Product Bundles For Woocommerce

This plugin offers your customers some discount based on the product quantity. In addition, it also comes with some types of products in a specific pre-defined quantity. Then, the bundle price will change in case of the customer change a product quantity. WPC Product Bundles is really a perfect tool for enhancing your store sales.


  • Intelligent price calculation supported
  • Drag-drop to rearrange
  • Set item quantity
  • Automatic regular and sale price calculation
  • Choose a bundle to be virtual or downloadable
  • WPML integration
  • and more.


  • Many languages supported
  • Well-maintained
  • Good functionality
  • Great support.

Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce

Min And Max Quantity For Woocommerce

Min and Max Quantity for Woocommerce plugin enable you to set up the limitation for item cost in orders or in groups, limits for the number of products,…In addition, you can also add the product variation/product to a group.


  • Limit the quantity for products/product variations
  • Limit the quantity/price for products in the shopping cart.


  • Great support
  • Integrate/extend the Woocommerce functionality perfectly.

WooCommerce Max Quantity

Woocommerce Max Quantity

This great plugin will help you to set the maximum limit for the number of products that can be put into a shopping cart. In addition, you can utilize it for each product and per order.


  • Apply to all items the universal limitation
  • Possibility to set for a particular item with a specific limitation, which is going to be overridden the universal limitation
  • Customers don’t need to login to use the feature
  • and more.


  • Support popular languages
  • Well-documented
  • Functional and simple to use.

WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Single

Woocommerce Min Max Quantity &Amp; Step Control Single

Thanks to this amazing plugin, you can set up the minimum, maximum quantity for each product. what’s more, you can increment or decrement step according to your interest. In addition, you can also control the validation of product quantity.


  • Set the product’s minimum, maximum quantity, and step of each product individually
  • Set the increment or decrement step


  • Easy to manage

All in One Product Quantity for WooCommerce

All In One Product Quantity For Woocommerce

It is considered a perfect plugin. This allows you to take full control of product order quantities in WooCommerce. In addition, by using it, you can set a minimum/ maximum quantity for all products in your WooCommerce store. Therefore, your customers can only buy products according to multiplications of your defined step.


  • Set minimum/maximum products order quantities
  • Set exact allowed or disallowed quantities
  • Define a unit to show next to the price
  • Show quantity field on archive/categories pages so customers can add to cart directly the desired quantity


  • Various features
  • Well-organize design

Quantity Plus Minus Button for WooCommerce

Quantity Plus Minus Button For Woocommerce

This plugin has amazing designed quantity buttons for the WooCommerce quantity input box on the product page which also support decimal quantity. Therefore, it is easy for you to add a plus, minus button for the WooCommerce Quantity Input box everywhere like Single Page, In-Loop Quantity input, Cart page,…


  • Quantity step supported
  • Decimal quantity supported
  • Customizable button design
  • You can customize button background-color
  • And more


  • Well documented
  • Compatible with all themes

Minimum and Maximum Quantity for WooCommerce

Minimum And Maximum Quantity For Woocommerce

With this useful plugin, you can define the minimum and maximum allowable product quantities per product according to category and country. In addition, you can set up min and max checkout for order quantity, order value.


  • Easy to create quantity rules for orders, products, category, country.
  • Enable/disable add to cart quantity validation and correction.
  • Set the product default quantity for all your store products.
  • Manage Minimum and Maximum Quantity Rules
  • Clone Minimum and Maximum Quantity Rules


  • Easy to setup
  • Effective plugin


We hope that you can find out the best Woocommerce Quantity Plugin in this collection. In addition, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or relatives, if this post is helpful to you. Especially, you can refer to more great plugins at our free WordPress Themes to resolve your issues.

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