Which is the best WooCommerce Rewards Plugin you are looking for? If you still don’t know the exact answer, then the blog today is for you! Let’s check out the list of outstanding WooCommerce Rewards Plugin you should try for your site!

Why is the Woocommerce Rewards Plugin useful for your site?

Today, to develop an online store, you need to have incentive programs and attract customers. If you offer a points and rewards program for them, then they will be excited to use this program. WooCommerce Rewards Plugin can help you create a points and rewards program for your customers effectively. Therefore, we are going to show you a List Of 8 Nice Woocommerce Rewards Plugin in 2021.

Top Nice Woocommerce Rewards Plugins

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Points And Rewards For Woocommerce

The first plugin we want to discuss is Points and Rewards for WooCommerce. Above all, this plugin engages customers by offering them points on store activities like signup, purchase, referrals, etc. After that, can redeem these points to buy products at your store or participate in your membership program.

Provided features:

  • Reward Points on Actions
  • Easy Point Redemption
  • Membership System For Exclusive Offers
  • Points Log Report
  • And more


  • WPML Multilingual Compatible
  • Great support
  • Free

Gratisfaction- Loyalty, Rewards , Referral and Giveaway Program for WooCommerce

Secondly, why don’t you using Gratisfaction? In other words, it offers you many ways to reward customers by purchases, social media actions, referrals, bookings, etc. So, let’s check its functions now!

Provided features:

  • Loyalty and rewards program with high efficient. Get referrals & run engaging social media giveaways.
  • Plus loyalty points/ instant rewards or both by entering your loyalty program, contests, giveaways & promotions!
  • Reward points for sales on your Etsy store


  • No coding skill required, easy to use
  • Get more traffic and follower on social media

myCred – Points, Rewards & Badges

Woocommerce Rewards Plugin 02

The third suggestion for your site is myCred – Points, Rewards & Badges. That is to say, it is a good system for managing point because it helps you to build for your site a range of point related applications. Besides, there are many things you can take advantage of this plugin. For example, you can monetize the site content, store reward systems, etc.

Provided features:

  • Automatically give points to users and take points from them as well
  • Award/deduct points automatically
  • Store reward system
  • Support dedicated log for users to easily browse their history
  • Online banking
  • and more.


  • Many awesome features are provided and they work nice.
  • Good support service
  • Easy to use.


Woorewards – Loyalty Points And Rewards Program For Woocommerce – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Fourthly, we would like to introduce for you a way to create loyalty progame easily – WooRewards. Above all, your customers are able to receive rewards or discounts when they purchase item on your website. In addition, it allows you to create advanced leveling and membership systems.

Provided features:

  • Create multiple loyalty programs working together or apart
  • Name the points, set points expiration, create events and much more
  • Advertise your customers by using between 10+ widgets and 20+ shortcodes
  • Create badges and encourage your customers with achievements
  • And more


  • Multiple laguages
  • WPML Compatible

Beans · Marketing Apps for Woocommerce

Woocommerce Rewards Plugin 0

The fifth option in this blog is Beans. In other words, it is a rewards plugin that encourage your customers get back to your store and become loyal customers by providing many ways to rewards your customers.

Provided features:

  • Provide more than 20 ways to reward
  • Create urgency among your customers with limited time promotions
  • Send customized announcements to customers


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Nice support
  • Useful

Reward Points for Woocommerce

Reward Points For Woocommerce – Wordpress Plugin Wordpress Org

Another plugin you should try is Reward Points for Woocommerce. That is to say, it provides customers reward points base on the product they purchase or the money they spend.

Provided features:

  • Set reward points by amount of money customers pay for product.
  • Set redemption value.
  • Customers will get the reward points when their order is completed
  • Able to see the total points of customer with Email id, Amount in Wallet, Completed Order, Amount spent, Reward Points.


  • Fully compatible
  • Effective

WooCommerce Thank You Page – NextMove Lite

Woocommerce Rewards Plugin

Finally, let’s explore WooCommêc Thank You Page. Above all, it brings you a good way to create loyalty of customers by building a custom Thank you page and from that increase profits. Moreover, it supports you access to power-packed components then encourage customer loyalty and earn more sales with no coding skill needed.

Provided features:

  • Dynamic coupons, Videos , HTML, Image & text blocks, recommended products, social share and more.
  • Show personalized order confirmation to your buyers.
  • Access to dynamic merge tags to refer your customers by their first name


  • Quick install and easy to use.
  • Useful


In conclusion, we are really happy to share some information about the top Woocommerce Rewards Plugins. If you consider it is useful for you, then don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Further, don’t forget to renew your site appearance with Free WordPress Themes.

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