WooCommerce custom product addons are the gateway to a world of infinite selling possibilities. With these addons, you can tantalize your customers with the power to customize their purchases to their heart’s content.

Imagine offering them the choice of dimensions, colors, and even delivery dates! And that’s not all – they can even upload files, and play around with image cropping, and it is all about a personalized shopping experience.

Now, here’s the thing – WooCommerce’s default product fields might leave you wanting more. But fear not! In this post, we have carefully selected the top five product addons plugins for WooCommerce and discussed the important features to consider in these plugins.

List of 5 Best Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Plugins

YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options

1 Yayextra Best Woocommerce Custom Product Addon Plugin

YayExtra is a powerful WooCommerce plugin designed to enhance your online store’s functionality by enabling you to create and manage additional product options. With YayExtra, you can effortlessly customize and assign these options to specific groups of products.

This easy-to-use plugin offers a wide range of field types to accommodate diverse needs. These include dropdown lists, multiple-choice lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, numerical inputs, text inputs, color swatches, and more. Whatever your requirements may be, YayExtra has got you covered.

By using YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options, you can seamlessly incorporate additional product options into the WooCommerce product form with just four straightforward steps.

Step 1: Create a group of product options to enhance the variety and choices available to your customers.

Step 2: Take advantage of advanced product custom fields to further tailor your product options according to your specific needs and preferences.

Step 3: Customize the fields to seamlessly blend with the design and aesthetics of your website, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user experience.

Step 4: Efficiently assign the product options to multiple product pages in bulk, saving you time and effort in the process.

Let’s see the following video tutorial below to learn how to create extra product options in WooCommerce.

Key Features:

  • Checkbox functionality to enable privacy policy acknowledgment.
  • Button rows for customizable base product options.
  • Ability to add a one-time fee in either a percentage or fixed amount.
  • Option to add multiple fees for multiple product options.
  • Clear display of the subtotal for the selected extras.
  • Bulk application of product options.
  • Integration with WooCommerce Conditional Variations.
  • Live preview product extra option.
  • Ability to group and separate products as needed.
  • Tons of customization options and CSS styling

2 Yayextra Woocommerce Custom Product Addons


YayExtra offers a free plan for users who want to get started. For those looking for more advanced features and benefits, YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options Pro is available for just $59/year. It also provides flexible pricing plans that cater to unlimited sites or a one-time payment option.

YayExtra is the perfect solution for you if…

  • you need an all-in-one extra product options plugin where you can manage and fully customize all product field types
  • you are a freelance or agency who wants to purchase unlimited sites for numerous clients
  • you desire a powerful yet affordable WooCommerce custom product addons plugin
  • you want to best save time learning how to use the WooCommerce custom product addons

Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce

3 Checkout Files Upload For Woocommerce

The Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce plugin provides customers with the ability to upload files during or after the WooCommerce checkout process.

Key Features:

  • Easily customize the position of fields on the checkout page.
  • Specify whether file upload is required for a smooth customer experience.
  • Add a file upload field to the Thank You page, allowing customers to easily submit additional files or documents to WordPress media library after their purchase.
  • Enhance the My Account page by adding a file upload field, giving customers the convenience of uploading files related to their orders.
  • Personalize the label for the file upload field to match your brand or specific requirements.
  • Specify the accepted file types, ensuring that customers can only upload files that meet your criteria.
  • Set a maximum file size option, preventing customers from uploading files that are too large.

4 Checkout Files Upload For Woocommerce Add File In Cart


Free plan available. The pro plan starts from $39/year. No one-time payment option.

The Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you if…

  • you want to find a WooCommerce custom fields plugin that offers only file upload field types
  • you are a POD company

Product Addons & Fields for WooCommerce

5 Product Addons Fields For Woocommerce

PPOM (Product Addons for WooCommerce) is a powerful WooCommerce custom product addons tool that allows you to easily add additional custom fields and addons to your product pages.

With PPOM, you can enhance your products by offering extra options such as sizes and colors, all through a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder.

Wondering how it works? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your PPOM fields using the drag-and-drop form builder found under WooCommerce -> PPOM Fields.
  2. Once you’ve created your fields, navigate to the product edit page and select the PPOM fields group you created in the previous step.
  3. Finally, click on the update button, and your product will be equipped with the desired PPOM fields.

Key Features:

  • Display fields conditionally based on your rules.
  • Export and import fields across your stores
  • Repeater field
  • Build repeatable fields for products of your choice.
  • Cart Edit
  • Fields Popup
  • Wrap all PPOM fields inside a popup.
  • Variation Quantity


Free plan available. The pro plan starts from $99/year.

PPOM is the perfect solution for you if…

  • you want a WooCommerce custom product addons plugin that offers various customization features related to the interaction among product option field types.
  • you are willing to pay higher for more advanced features

Flexible Product Fields (WooCommerce Product Addons) – WooCommerce Product Page Editor

6 Flexible Product Fields Woocommerce Custom Product Addons

The Flexible Product Fields plugin enhances the functionality of WooCommerce by adding extra product options through WooCommerce custom product addons. It serves as a product page configurator, enabling users to customize a product to suit their specific requirements.

The process of creating additional WooCommerce custom fields in the management panel is straightforward and offers a wide range of options for making modifications.

Key Features:

  • Customization of products prior to adding them to the cart.
  • Utilization of a user-friendly built-in editor.
  • Ability to add field groups above or below the add to cart button.
  • Assignment of field groups to all products or specific products, categories, and tags.
  • Management of labels, values, placeholders, CSS classes, and tooltips.
  • Addition of fixed or percentage prices to the custom fields of a product.
  • Support for WPML and Polylang plugins.
  • Saving the product configuration as a URL.


Free plan available. The professional plan starts from $59/year. No one-time payment option.

Flexible Product Fields is the perfect solution for you if…

  • you want to automatically translate the WooCommerce product custom addon field
  • you desire to save the each product configuration as a URL

Product Input Fields for WooCommerce

7 Product Input Fields For Woocommerce

Product Input Fields for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce custom product addons plugin that allows you to enhance the customer experience by adding custom input fields to the front end of your WooCommerce products. These input fields can be added globally, applied to all products, or per product.

With this plugin, you have the ability to customize the HTML template for your input fields, giving you more control over the appearance and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Enable pricing for input fields in your desired product.
  • Add custom options, pricing conditions, and prices.
  • Display fields conditionally based on the product quantity.
  • Comprehensive settings available for each field type.
  • Show corresponding images when a customization option is selected.
  • Populate input field values from URL parameters.
  • Customize the HTML template for input fields.
  • Add an unlimited number of global or local input fields.


Free plan available. The starter plan pricing from $59/year. No one-time payment option.

Product Input Fields for WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you if…

  • you focus on adding product field types that require customers to input fields
  • you want to choose numerous different formats for the input fields

Which are the Best WooCommerce Custom Product Addons Plugins?

If you need a final recommendation, here are a few more tips.

YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options gets my top recommendation because it has all the functionality you need, and it has the best price and most user-friendly than any plugin listed here.

The Product Addons for WooCommerce is my runner-up recommendation because of its advanced functionality. Although it does come with quite higher price, it’s worth considering if you’re willing to invest a bit more to access additional features.

Thanks for checking out this post of the best WooCommerce custom product addons plugins, and please share it with someone else before you go.

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